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My Philosophy

“I believe that everyone has the right to be educated in the natural childbirth process and become empowered through their own childbirth philosophy. I want women and their partners to be well prepared, confident, and have an exceptional birthing experience.”


Classes will include, but not limited to:


These basic exercises and simple stretching poses will help prepare your body for an easier, more comfortable pregnancy, labor and birth. 



This is the foundation for a healthy mother and baby.  I will give you ideas to help incorporate protein into your daily meals and snacks to help you keep on track with the suggested daily intakes. High protein meals that are also balanced has many benefits for you and baby.


Mamas and babies are healthier and have more options available to them when they are able too incorporate daily simple pregnancy exercises, have a balanced prenatal eating plan and practice daily deep relaxation. Performing these consistently prior to birth will help speed labor and encourage optimal fetal positioning.



To be truly relaxed, one needs to connect with their body through natural, abdominal breathing. Being aware of bodily tensions and releasing them will assist you in being prepared for labor and will also help with being a relaxed, calm mother for your newborn.  Even coach gets to relax during class!


Pain Relief:

Drug free natural techniques will be discussed and shown.


The power and intensity of your contractions cannot be 

stronger than you, because it is you.”   -Susan McCutcheon


Birth Plans, Informed Consent & Rights of Childbearing Women:

I will give you facts and information to help you formulate and create your own birthing philosophies while you and your coach communicate effectively with your birth team.


Breastfeeding, Baby & Postpartum:

The basics will be covered ensuring you and baby get off to a great start. Normal newborn behavior and what to expect after birth will be included.


Labor Preparation:

In addition to the mechanics and most effective positions of labor that you will learn in class, ideally you will also create your own 'birthing cocoon,' hopefully one that is safe and serene. Ideally, your coach will be your best advocate and supporter that will ensure your best interests are always upheld in any birthing atmosphere. I know of no other childbirth method that actively involves a supportive partner/coach like The Bradley Method®. Your coach will be learning alongside you in every class, too help prepare for their role in assisting you.



Every class will be supplemented with educational DVD's. Incentives will be provided to help keep you on track with exercises and nutrition.  You will learn all the stages of labor and the emotional signposts that accompany them. These are hands-on classes, including labor rehearsals that will be helpful and beneficial. Basic childbearing vocabulary and anatomy will be included too. Everything you will need to help in your preparations for a happy birth-day! I even have a gift for you at the end of class twelve too help you celebrate.


If the class schedule doesn't correlate with your due date, please contact me for possible private classes as I want you to have the preparation that you need. 

 DAYS:            Classes are held once/per week for 12 consecutive weeks


COST:             Contact Me   


LOCATION: Tooele, Utah 


Payment is due on the first night of class,

 unless previous arrangements have been made.


Please, bring to every class:  two pillows,

a yoga mat  for you and coach (or two thick blankets), 

your water bottle, your snacks 

and wear comfortable clothing. 


Please, call or email me and reserve your spot today! Class is limited in size for comfort and personal attention. 

Thank you. 


MILLS, ALDA AAHCC<br />Affiliated Instructor
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Series Schedule (Start Dates)
Saturday, April 07, 20181:00 PM
Saturday, July 07, 20181:00 PM
Saturday, October 06, 20181:00 PM

The Bradley Method® of Natural Childbirth standard series is designed for small classes with lots of individual attention. The standard length of the classes is 12 weeks covering 12 units of instruction. The Official Student Workbook is supplied to every couple attending classes. It is 130 pages with over 75 pictures and illustrations. A Coach Card is also included. Your local instructor in The Bradley Method® of Natural Childbirth is an independent affiliated instructor. Some classes are video enriched and offer a Certificate of Congratulations.

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