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My name is Alexia Raven and I have the privilege of being a mom to three amazing, curious, intelligent and beautiful children.  

My husband (Eric) and I were so fortunate to welcome them into this world together naturally from the education and knowledge we received through The Bradley Method®.     

Eric and I, high school sweethearts and married for 14 years now, became pregnant with our first baby in 2010 and were interested in having a natural birth.  We found out about The Bradley Method® and right away knew it was the right decision for us

The Bradley Method® teaches parents about spontaneous, natural, unmedicated childbirth where the husband plays a key role as coach, and is there supporting, encouraging and advocating for his partner during the entire labor and birth process.  Eric and I signed up for the 12 week class and each week we grew more confident and knowledgeable about labor and the birthing process.  By the end of the course we found ourselves prepared, confident, and eagerly anticipating our labor.

The moment our first child was born, it was as if time stood still.  All the preparation, rehearsal and training  that we did allowed us to meet our new son together, as a team.  We were so overjoyed and emotional, it was a surreal moment.  We both worked together as one to achieve something so special and extraordinary.  What a special gift to be able to experience one of the wonders of the world so intimately together. The Bradley Method® played a critical role in allowing us to have such an unforgettable experience. 

What we found through this experience, is that birth is like any athletic event, you have to train for it both physically and mentally.  I am not a superwoman; I am just a regular woman who trained to do what our female bodies are designed to do, give birth.

I am so thankful that Eric and I educated ourselves about The Bradley Method® and that we prepared our minds and bodies for this endurance event.   It was one of the highlights of my life and impacted our relationship in such a special and different way.

Because Eric and I had such positive experiences with all three births of our children, we are passionate about empowering other pregnant couples to make informed choices about how they want to welcome their babies into this world.  Educating others about the beauty and naturalness of labor through The Bradley Method®  is my passion.  

We want you to experience the wonder of birth, by giving you the knowledge, information and encouragement to know you can achieve a natural birth, together as a team. 

-Alexia Raven




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