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I love pregnancy, I love birth and I love babies! And oh how I love a good natural birth story!

Let me share a bit with you about mine. But before I do, hear my thoughts on why I wanted a natural childbirth. Most people said I was crazy. Many people were even a little condensing about the topic of unmedicated birth. "You want to have a natural birth? Please, just take the drugs." I was then, and still am, quite confused as to why natural childbirth is such a taboo topic…

Women have been having unmedicated births for thousands of years. Only in the last 3 generations has society been defaulting to medicated births. Additionally, women spend their entire pregnancy trying to avoid most (if not all) medication/drugs, yet arrive at the hospital and do not question being pumped full of them. Not to mention that every drug has some sort of side effect. It just didn’t - and still doesn't - add up.

Therefore, I chose to approach this monumental, life changing moment fully present and in control. Minimized interventions and no side effects. Anything else just wouldn't be my style.

Onto the birth of our sweet baby girl.

Five months in advance of our due date, we enrolled in a Bradley class, having heard many successful Bradley stories. Over the next 12 weeks, we left each class feeling increasingly educated and confident that we were capable of making the best choices for our growing family. At the same time I was hearing other birth stories opposite of what I wanted: "I couldn’t have a vaginal birth" … "my labor stopped progressing" … "I had to be induced" … "it was just SO painful." Our class helped us do our part to maintain a low risk pregnancy and keep focused on the birth we hoped for.

Early August 2015 and 10 days overdue, our daughter decided it was time to enter the world. My husband and I felt confident to handle my labor in the comfort of our own home for as long as possible. When the time was right we took a quick Uber ride over the hospital. From there we were able to continue our natural child birth with no intervention until her arrival just a few hours later.

Welcoming our daughter into this world was an amazing experience. Amazing, exhausting, intense, emotional, full of life, and straight up beautiful. With the support of my hubby and the coaching from Bradley, my birth story was everything I wanted it to be.

My 12 week class based on The Bradley Method® is all about education and choices which can lead you to have the natural birth you are wanting!

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