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Thanks for exploring a little more about me.  My husband and I live in Winfield, IL with our three (soon to be four) wonderful children.  I have always been interested in pregnancy and birth but it became a true passion (perhaps obsession) of mine since having children of my own.

When we got pregnant with our first we knew we wanted to explore options on how to achieve a natural childbirth.  We were pointed to The Bradley Method® from friends who had also taken the course.  The classes gave my husband and I both a great foundation of birth knowledge and provided us with tools to handle labor confidently.  

Our intelligent, observant, and creative son was born in the hospital after a pretty typical 24 hour labor which started naturally nine days past my estimated due date.  We were able to accomplish our goal of a completely unmedicated labor and birth with the knowledge and practice we gained from class.  However, there were a couple unwanted interventions that left us desiring more control over the birth if we were to be blessed with another pregnancy.

We found ourselves preparing for another little one to arrive a year later.  We decided that to regain some control and emotionally heal from our first birth experience we would have a home birth.  Our spunky, charming, and strong-willed daughter was born in a birthing tub at home with family members and our amazing midwife present.  The experience was truly transformational.  It was after this that I decided to start teaching The Bradley Method® myself to help other families physically, mentally, and emotionally prepare for the birth experiences they deeply hope for.

A year after the birth of our daughter we were pregnant again and planned another home birth.  My water broke a couple days before my estimated due date and we had to wait a significant time before labor established, but we were patient and knew our baby would come in his time.  When labor contractions finally began it was a roller coaster experience.  Less than three hours later we were welcoming our third little one, a sweet and rambunctious boy, into our arms.  

And... in the Spring of 2017 we welcomed our fourth child, another boy who is as sweet as can be.  We had a home birth with all our kids and a midwife in attendance.  It was an incredibly challenging birth in new ways and the initial recovery was a struggle.  It was a blessing though because I was reminded that there are always new things to learn about birth. Each one is beautifully unique and transformative.  I was also reminded that just because you teach childbirth education courses it doesn't make things "easy." 

I am passionate about couples learning the information and skills presented in The Bradley Method® so that they can feel confident about accomplishing their birth goals.  I want all my students to look back at their birth experiences and see the strength and beauty it takes to bring a child in to the world.

I am passionate about breastfeeding, baby-wearing, gentle parenting, and healthy pregnancies through nutrition and exercise.  Beyond that I also love quilting, crafting, being outdoors, coffee shops, and reading good books.  My family (my children included) and I love welcoming couples in to our home every week for The Bradley Method® classes and can't wait to meet you.

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