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Bridget has been teaching since 1999 and has 3 children, all of whom were born naturally using The Bradley Method®.  She looks forward to working with you to prepare for a joyful birth experience - one you will look back on with pride and a huge sense of accomplishment.

Here is what some people say about Bridget's class:

The Bradley class played one of the most important roles in preparing me for motherhood. Along with incredible information that helped me focus on the upcoming birth there was an encouragement I couldn't get anywhere else even from my birthing team. No matter how great your birthing team is, when it comes down to labor the more informed you are, the better off you'll be. The Bradley class gave me the confidence to make my birth experience an incredibly positive one. It taught me and my husband to relax in what otherwise could have been a tense and painful experience. I was so relaxed into the rhythm of the labor using the Bradley techniques I'd learned that after 15 hours of labor I had as much energy as when I'd started the night before. My husband's training from the class played a major role in that relaxation.

The class also brought me in contact with several other couples also having their first babies. The camaraderie every week was as therapeutic as any therapy session. Experiences were shared and jokes passed that made light of the fact that it was getting more difficult to lug the child around in our bellies. The class was very well balanced with time for socializing and comparing, learning important facts, watching beautiful births on video, and doing role-playing games that brought the reality of the birth experience home.

-- Eleadari A.

I love working with clients who have taken Bradley with Bridget because they are well-informed and able to make clear, educated choices about their births. These are my best prepared couples.

-- Sandy K.

Taking Bradley Method classes helped us feel confident that we were mentally, physically, and spiritually prepared for childbirth. We knew what we could expect and what important choices needed to be made before the birth. It also strengthened our bond to each other and to our child. Bridget is a natural teacher. Her infectious positive attitude and engaging presentation made for relaxed, fun classes that we looked forward to attending. Our daughter's birthday was a joyous experience and just what we had hoped for, thanks in large part to Bridget's classes. And the relaxation techniques we learned will last a lifetime.

-- Jane and Stephen S.

We are really proud of the birth experience we had, and we owe so much of it to Bridget and The Bradley Method®. We went from knowing virtually nothing about natural childbirth to having an amazing natural birth experience that we will always remember. We looked forward to Bridget's class every week, due entirely to her abundant personal warmth and her extensive knowledge of childbirth. We love to recommend Bridget's class to all of our expectant friends!

-- Amy, Rob, and Berkeley N.

I joined Bridget's class after a long stint overseas and away from the U.S. I was going through a lot of change and transition as any new mom but had it compounded with a new home, a new city and a new kind of life. Each week I looked forward to the dedicated time with my partner as we enjoyed the company of our class.

The Bradley Method® brings peacefulness of a birth to the baby, the mom, and the coach. We were educated and prepared and when Noam decided to join us in the world, we were calm and extraordinarily at peace; we felt with each transition we knew what to expect, how to handle it, and how to remain focused. What I instinctually felt about birth and parenting in general was constantly validated in her very educational classes. As a teacher, Bridget gave me the courage to act on my instincts and move my birth from the hospital to a midwife in a birthing center. It was the best decision I made, and I credit the sessions and Bridget for having the courage to do it.

I congratulate you for taking the time to research how to make your baby's transition into the world the most loving and peaceful, and you will not be disappointed in asking Bridget to help you along the way.

-- Jennifer F., Joshua H., and Noam


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