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Christina Stroh is founder of Movement Center Los Angeles | Specialized GYROTONIC® Master Trainer | GYROKINESIS® Pre-Trainer | Stott Pilates | Ballet/Dance Coach | Reiki Healing | Birth Doula Trained | Birth Educator with The Bradly Method® of Natural Childbirth | Beauty Counter Consultant

A native of Los Angeles, Christina Stroh began her love of movement at age two. A professionally trained ballet dancer of twenty years, Christina Stroh embraced Pilates, GYROTONIC® methodology and yoga principles to improve her body’s capabilities.

Thanks to the inspiration and mentoring of Kathy VanPatten, Christina found her passion to teach at the very young age of eighteen. She has undergone years of extensive training, dedication and hard work to become the best movement educator in her field. She continues to further her professionalism through workshops, seminars, and continuing education. 

Christina’s two decades as a dancer and 20 years teaching clients give her a practical and scientific understanding of energetic, muscle and skeletal relationships to movement. This experience fortifies her intuitive grasp of the body that allows her to guide clients to a deeper understanding of themselves.

Inspired by her three young children, she is a dedicated and passionate health coach, doula and natural childbirth educator with the Bradley Method®. Christina helps mothers prepare mentally, physically, and spiritually for childbirth and their recovery after birth. Christina has experienced giving birth in both hospitals and home enviorments.

Studio clients benefit from her expertise as well as from her compassionate and supportive approach. “I believe we cannot achieve our potential, nor live a life of fulfillment, without wonderful, inspiring friends around us,” she says. “It brings me great joy to share my talents in movement with family, friends, clients and colleagues.” Her goal is to educate and inspire through a loving and positive environment.

Words From Colleagues, Friends, and Clients:

“It gives me great pleasure to express my admiration and support of Christina Stroh. Christina embodies all of the qualities necessary of a leader and a teacher in the physical disciplines of dance, Gyrotonic exercise and Pilates. She possesses an innate ability to see the body in front of her and also the ability to communicate the appropriate information to the student, teacher or client. She inspires through her spirit and her love of movement. If you get the opportunity to learn from Christina, take full advantage of it.”

—Kathy Van Patten, Specialized Gyrotonic Master Trainer and teacher trainer in Pilates

“Christina is tremendously gifted at what she does, keeps my body looking great, and has given me movement tools that I am able to take with me while on a set, on location, even at an audition. She is simply the best!”

—Christina Dow, Actress

“As a dancer, I am extremely particular about who I engage with on a physical level. Christina is the only one I trust to guide me with her expertise, well-trained eye, and touch that has conditioned my body not only for artistic performance but also before, during, and after pregnancy. Christina’s work has helped me get back into better shape than before I had my baby!”

—Lilly Bright, Dancer, movement artist

“Her performing experience and extremely educated body awareness made her a natural for this type of work. My mother* hired her to teach in her studio in Boston, where she became an immediate success.”

—Sarah Van Patten, Principal Dancer, San Francisco Ballet

*Kathy Van Patten, Specialized Gyrotonic Master Trainer and teacher trainer in Pilates

“There are people in your life who stick with you — you meet them and they stick with you forever. Mostly that’s not such a pleasant thing, but with Christina it has always been a joy. Christina is like an everlasting present in your life!!! I met Christina 15 years ago in Boston in a teacher training course of mine. Since that time she has been a consistent and responsible Gyrotonic teacher, mother, wife and friend. Over the years, it has brought me great pleasure to observe her growing and learning and improving – and always with a smile on her face!”

—Sebastian Plettenberg, Specialized GYROTONIC® Master Trainer

Director and Owner of GYROTONIC® Manhattan, Inc.,
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