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My Bradley® Childbirth Experience

I spent my first labor in pain, overwhelmed, praying for it to be over. My husband felt so helpless that he spoke only a few words during the entire labor and delivery. It took us many years to dig ourselves out of the hole dug by my sense of abandonment and his traumatization.

When I became pregnant with my second child, I said to myself, “There has got to be a better way.” My neighbor had just become Bradley®-affiliated and quietly explained her own Bradley® childbirth experience. I listened as she told me what I had always known, even in the midst of the misery of my first birth: Birth could and should be different—powerful and integrating instead of destructive—but that more drugs given more quickly weren't the answer.

So my husband and I went to Bradley® classes. We practiced relaxation together fervently, although not quite convinced this could help us. We reached the point where all my husband had to do was lay his hand on my arm and I turned to Jello. When labor began, it worked! Loving and knowledgeable hands rubbed my arms and calves. I just let labor happen—in a zone where I simply lived each contraction, lived each break, lived the next contraction—no fighting or trying to run away or bargain. I came to understand emotional/mental/physical surrender and how, paradoxically, giving in gave me a deeply rooted sense of power. What a powerful realization! My husband also experienced a sense of peace and accomplishment. After this birth, we started out not in a hole, but at the top of a hill, hand in hand.

As a long-time registered nurse, I have seen the power of the medical system. These experiences, for good or ill, go to the bone and are carried with a person for the rest of his or her life. I believe that if the experiences of the mother, father, infant, and family are good during labor—not disorganized or numbed by medication—they will carry this goodness inside them for the rest of their lives. How wonderful! Coming to understand more and more layers of the Bradley Method® over the years and serving others with this knowledge has been a source of joy and learning—for those giving birth, I fervently hope, as well as for myself.
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