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"Congratulations on your upcoming birth!

Thank you for considering us for your childbirth education. My husband and I are the only husband/wife team that teach together in the South Bay area". Having the presence of another male helps soon-to-be dads feel more comfortable in the childbirth class experience. "We also are one of the most experienced instructor team in the South Bay area, having been teaching the Bradley Method® as long or longer than anyone else".

We are passionate about educating couples in pregnancy and the childbirth process. Gail, a doula and a student midwife, has attended hundreds of births in hospitals, birth centers, and at homes. She has attended many of the births of her own Bradley Method® students. "It is a real joy for me to share in my students' birth experiences". Gail has a great success record in assisting moms with their breastfeeding problems as well.

"We have five children. All our children were birthed vaginally and without medication or interventions - all natural. Four were born in the hospital and the last one was born at home. All were breastfed". 

Gail was told by a doctor that she could not have any more children because of female complications. "Because of this doctor's counsel, we were not as careful in our family planning". She became pregnant at the age of 44 years old.

"At that time, our last child was 17 and almost out of high school. This new phase of life was not what we had in mind. Only God knew what was happening in our lives".

The obstetrician that she was seeing labeled her "high risk" just because of her age. "We were seeing red flags when it came to this doctor handling this fourth pregnancy. While in the last trimester, we decided to contact some midwives in our area. We found a midwife who was willing to take us on as her patient and what a change! She did not consider me to be high risk".

"I gave birth to our fourth child in a hospital. I could not have done it without my husband, my coach, my best friend, and birth partner. We decided to have a fifth child. So at the age of 47, I gave birth at home with a midwife. This life changing experience of giving birth, made us want to reach out and help other couples have this same great empowering experience".

Gail and Leonard became a certified childbirth instructors and Gail is a certified doula. "As couples become educated, a new confidence arises in them - making them more capable of making informed decisions when it comes to birthing their baby. This new confidence can lead to a positive birth experience. And a positive birth experience is something that couples will carry with them the rest of their lives".

"We want you to have the best, safest, and most rewarding birth experience possible. Few other experiences in life compare to the joy of birthing your baby. Our passion is to educate couples in childbirth so that they are well informed parents that can make responsible decisions and maximize their birth experience".

Call/Email about joining and learning from this experienced husband/wife team. "Hope to see you in class".

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