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Congratulations on your pregnancy!

Becoming parents is the beginning of an unbelievable journey, full of joys and challenges. With that comes many decisions and choices. Bradley® Method Childbirth Classes will inform you of your options, give you a deep understanding of birth and teach you strategies to use during this process.

The Bradley Method® views birth as a natural process. It is our belief that most women with preparation, education and authentic support can achieve a physiological birth. The Bradley Method® teaches self-awareness and encourages pregnant people to trust their bodies using natural breathing, relaxation, nutrition, exercise and education.


We couldn't be happier to have had Heidi walk with us during my pregnancy and the birth of our first daughter! During the pregnancy, we attended each Bradley Method class in her home. The atmosphere was warm and inviting, and we instantly felt comfortable learning the material, practicing the relaxation techniques, and asking questions. Every doubt or insecurity was met with reliable information that helped us be even more confident about having a natural birth. She even let us take books home to read, or sent us articles about our questions or parts of the pregnancy where we might be struggling. When the time came to give birth, my husband and I felt prepared and confident; we knew what my body was doing, how I should be feeling, and that we were making the best decision for our baby. Because of the classes and Heidi's support, my husband knew how to support me through each contraction, and effortlessly took the lead in making sure I was as comfortable and relaxed as possible.

~ Corrie and Andrew
September 2013

My husband knew nothing about the particulars of pregnancy or giving birth, but once we started the classes he couldn't wait to go to the next one and would talk about all we learned all the way home! I really felt that we had a stronger connection because he became more involved in the pregnancy and would encourage me every step of the way. My husband felt so confident in the information we received that he bragged he would have no problem delivering the baby himself!

Heidi was great! No question was too silly to ask and we felt comfortable enough to express all of our worries and fears in a very relaxed atmosphere. We even called her while I was in labor to get tips on how to relieve back labor. She was a great support system.

The Bradley Method gave us peace of mind because it made us aware of all the options available and situations that may arise at the hospital. Plus it was a great comfort knowing that my husband and I were on the same page and he would be the decision maker while I was in labor. Bradley is great for couples who really want dads to play the role of a doula during labor and delivery. I would recommend it to anyone who is considering a natural birth.
~Stephanie and Kevin
September 2013

I was a little late in the game to select a birthing class. I wasn't even sure if this was the method I wanted to go with, but after taking the first class I thought it didn't really matter what the method was, because I immediately trusted the person teaching the class.  Heidi was very helpful answering questions during the beginning of my labor when I called her, and during the hard parts, her voice in my head (along with my husbands in my ear) kept me focused on what I was supposed to be doing.  With my husband there supporting me in the ways he learned over the course of the classes, I was able to have natural labor and birth. Looking back (especially after finding out our baby was over nine pounds!), there is no question that taking this particular class was the key to have a natural birth for me.
~ Amy and Robert
January 2014

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The Bradley Method® of Natural Childbirth standard series is designed for small classes with lots of individual attention. The standard length of the classes is 12 weeks covering 12 units of instruction. The Official Student Workbook is supplied to every couple attending classes. It is 130 pages with over 75 pictures and illustrations. A Coach Card is also included. Your local instructor in The Bradley Method® of Natural Childbirth is an independent affiliated instructor. Some classes are video enriched and offer a Certificate of Congratulations.

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