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I am a mother of three sons who were all born using The Bradley Method® of Natural Childbirth. My experiences ranged from a difficult birth to a nearly textbook one, but they did have a couple of things in common: 

1) Healthy, unmedicated babies!

2) Being an unmedicated mom, I could enjoy caring for my babies right from the start. I was able to nurse them soon after birth with pure, unmedicated breastmilk! 

While my first birth was, indeed, difficult, I still had him without taking any pain medications. I gave my son the best possible start that I could despite some complications. 

I am what I and my family call "rather wimpy", and yet with some hard work, I was practically euphoric at the birth of my second son! I was ecstatic that even I was able to be completely successful at having an unmedicated, natural childbirth with no medical interventions! I kept saying to myself, "I did it! I did it! I did it!" You can do it, too!!

Anyone who tells you that it isn't worth the discomfort, has probably not experienced the joy and satisfaction of having the capability and control of pushing their baby out into this world! It is very fulfilling, and it is something God has designed our bodies to do. Join the many generations of women that have gone before you!

After another beautiful, joyful, and satisfying birth with my third son, I realized that most moms have been robbed of this priceless experience. That was the beginning of my desire to help other moms and babies discover the joy of natural childbirth!


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