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I first heard about The Bradley Method® through my former employer, the husband of a chiropractor. I had never thought too much about the birthing process, but as soon as I found out I was expecting, my child's health and my health were the most important things to me. Working at a chiropractors' office, I saw patients with three or four back surgeries, constant back pain, and on medication that didn't help their backs, just altered their minds. 

Jump forward to early January..Austin and I found out we were expecting. All the signs were there.... I was just blind to them... I was exhausted, and had missed a period, but just thought it was an off month. A few days later I had an extremely sharp, shooting pain in my back/pelvic area, that scared me so badly, Austin and I thought about going to the ER... After laying in bed for an hour or so, the pain stopped, so I wrote it off.. The next day Austin asked me when the last time I had my period was, because I was still feeling a little off. He told me to get a pregnancy test, just to see... The test came out positive, and I couldn't believe it. 

 Because of the sharp shooting pain the night before, we rushed to Urgent Care, and my pregnancy was confirmed. We went the doctor a few days later, and was told my sac was empty, and that I was going to miscarry. As much as I wasn't ready for a baby, the thought of a miscarriage was absolutely heart wrenching for Austin and I. Less then a week later, we went back in to do another ultrasound, and the doctor told me it looked like it could be TWINS... Talk about mixed messages. Finally, at 12 weeks, we were told we were having one baby. 

After all of the scares, I didn't want to risk anything. I wanted to have the safest birth possible.
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