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Congratulations as you have begun your pregnancy and parenthood journey!

I am glad you are here!  The Bradley Method will provide education for you and your coach and you can have a confident birth!  The parenthood journey begins long before a baby arrives.

Together with your coach you will prepare your birth plan as you  make informed choices about the birth you want.  Your coach will be prepared to help you throughout your pregnancy and childbirth.  Even if you have not made up your mind about natural childbirth I encourage you to ask questions and be educated about natural childbirth.
You are in the right place!


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My Birth Journey

Hello, my name is Kathleen Evers. I am Wife to Russ and Mother to 4 beautiful children. My 4 very different birth stories have brought me to the place I am as a woman, wife, and mother. My Husband, Russ, was present and active for the births of all our children. We believe each our children are gifts. The births of our children include experience with 2 natural childbirths, epidural, cesarean section, premature birth, NICU, working with homebirth and hospital midwives and doctors, vaginal natural birth after cesarean (VBAC/NBAC), and childbirth after the age of 35. As parents my Husband and I have made choices to cloth diaper, babywear, co-sleep, and raise our children and live as natural as possible. As a family we enjoy finess together (volleyball and anything outdoors -- hiking, biking, water sports), urban homesteading (our garden grows bigger every year), and travel.

I finished the Bradley Method Advanced Training and I am excited to bring the new material to my students.

I believe childbirth and breastfeeding are normal and natural functions God created our bodies to do.  I have 9 years of breastfeeding experience.  I also believe that pregnancy is not a sickness and pregnant women deserve to be able to make choices about what kind of birth they desire.  As a professional educator I will use best practices to help my students get the most from their classroom time and support outside of class.

Going through different birth experiences and having the first hand knowledge of each type helps me advocate for women and men knowing their birth choices.  I am looking forward to doula training in the future and I am continually learning more about birth and current birth trends.   There is nothing like natural childbirth and the benefits for mother and child! Bradley Method ® Classes will educate and empower you about childbirth options, dispel myths, and allow you to be able to make educated decisions for your birth!

You can have an amazing birth the first time! If this is your first child I encourage you to get into The Bradley Method ® classes now! If this is your 2nd child or beyond and you've never taken Bradley or need a refresher please take the classes now! If you are trying for a VBAC my classes cover VBAC if needed and I have many students who have successful VBACs.

Classes starting soon!

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Your fees for regular* sessions include class materials, access to my lending library of books and videos, and hours of instruction AND MORE! Please inquire for all the details.  Support throughout your pregnancy and beyond. Classes are a fun and interactive format using multimedia technology.  A free consultation and therapeutic massage from a local chiropractor.  Local doula and lactation consultant referrals.  Guest speakers when available.

      I look forward to hearing from you!

      My Students Birth Journeys

 "Kathleen was a knowledgeable and approachable teacher.  We definitely benefited from this class and had fun doing it!"  --Lauren

"After every class with Kathleen we felt more and more confident about the big day.  We not only learned about the birthing process and coming up with a plan, but also techniques for taking care of baby when it's finally here!" -Anna

"I fully believe that taking the 12 week Bradley Class will allow us to have a wonderful, natural birth.  Even though I am having twins, the information applied or was modified for me."  - Amber

"This class was excellent and well worth it!  Kathleen uses her experience and expertise as a teacher.  We learned so much!  Classes are very insightful and educational!" - Sam and Olivia

"Great class for 1st time parents.  We were taught all the stages of labor as well as how to care for baby after birth.  Kathy is a natural teacher and we were very happy to have taken the course.  We can't wait to meet our baby!"  - Ben and Katie

"Thanks so much for helping prepare us to enter the world of parenthood.  Kathleen was very open and knowledgeable." - Melanie and Michael
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