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I love talking about birth and am passionate about helping women in labor.  I have breastfed my three children and feel that breastfeeding gives babies the best start in life.

I took Bradley Method classes when I was pregnant.  I remember attending classes very excited to read and hear about the labor experience. I knew women's bodies are designed to give birth, and I thought I could have a drug-free birth too.

I had a wonderful drug- free birth with my first child, and decided to train as a Bradley instructor to pass this knowledge and experience on to other couples hoping to have a natural birth of their baby.

During my second pregnancy, I taught Bradley while preparing for a home-birth, and also received training as a doula (a labor support person).  I have been at several births as a trained labor support person.  It's such a special time to be at a woman's side while she brings forth life.

I had a natural home-birth of our second daughter, and cherish the memories of my husband, doula, and midwife helping me through that experience. 

For my third child, I had a natural hospital birth with the support of my husband and doula. I am a military wife, and proud to have taught classes in all our duty stations. Currently offering classes in tiny Clovis, New Mexico!

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