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My name is Leandra Young and I am very excited to have the opportunity to share the wonders of the Bradley Method® with you. My husband Patrick and I have three children; two boys and one girl ages 20, 19, and 16. Patrick and I took a Bradley® Class each time we were pregnant and we learned something new every time. Because of the knowledge and training that we gained from the Bradley Method®, my husband and I shared three wonderful, all-natural childbirth experiences. I am so thankful that I was introduced to the Bradley Method® at just the right time in my life. Now, it is your time!

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Leandra Young, AAHCC

(707) 267-5644

Teaching the Bradley Method® of Natural Childbirth to parents in Humboldt County for over 10 years.

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Testimonials From Past Students:

"Thanks to Leandra and the Bradley Method® we were able to look forward to our births with excitement and a feeling of preparedness. Understanding what my body was going through and the options available to us eliminated much of my fear and gave me a sense of empowerment that enabled me to have two natural childbirths. What better way to welcome a baby into the world!"

 ~Casey and John, baby Gage (7 lbs 4 oz) and baby Keely (7 lbs 5 oz)


"It took a long time and a lot of effort for us to become pregnant. I really wanted to enjoy every part of the process, especially the birth. Like most people I had internalized fear of birth. Leandra and the Bradley® class helped us embrace our child's birth as the incredibly special moment that it is, connect with each other so my husband could be my support, and connect with other parents. We still have those friendships, and so do our kids! Birth education is super important to a healthy birth, and there is no other I would recommend than Bradley®!"

~Jacqueline and Rick, and baby Luc (7 lbs 13 oz)


"The Bradley® classes and resources prepared us both for the pain, endurance, patience, and relaxation needed to endure the week of labor and difficult delivery of our firstborn baby.”

~Darcy and Nathan, and baby Trillium (9 lbs 10 oz)


“Bradley's® education allowed us to rise to each challenge of childbirth, be informed on our options, make the best choices for our baby and our family--and focus on enjoying our new son.”

~Norah and Robert, and baby Robbie (7 lbs even)


“My husband was clueless and I not much better, when it came time to prepare for labor but after taking the Bradley Method® 12 week course... all of my anxiety was relieved, my Husband was right by my side and knew exactly what I was going through and how to help! Although my labor was long, I knew that I wanted a Natural birth and it is the wisdom I gained from the Bradley Method® that helped me make the best decisions for my child!”

~Jessica and Justin, and baby Kori (7 lbs 6 oz)


“The Bradley® Classes were such a sweet beginning to parenthood. We learned so much about labor and delivery and felt more than prepared to have a successful, natural birth. The confidence we gained is truly what helped us have two amazing births."

~Darcey and Patrick, baby Zoey (5 lbs 15 oz) and baby Owen (7 lbs 10 oz)


"My husband and I both considered ourselves well educated in child birth but we learned so much more than the technical aspects of what happens. We learned valuable tools in staying relaxed and focused through labor. Even though our labor ended in an unplanned c-section, the resources and techniques we acquired were vital in managing labor and the unexpected. Leandra is a fabulous, caring teacher. We plan to take Bradley Method® classes when the times comes in attempt to have a VBAC. Take the class! You won't be disappointed you did."

~Emily and Mike, and baby Winchester (7 lbs 11 oz)


"Leandra was great! She helped solidify my trust in my husband as my birth coach. Her class also made me feel more confident and ready for labor and birth with tools and techniques to cope with such an intense experience. I also found the nutrition guidance, relaxation assignments, and exercises helped me stay healthy during my pregnancy."

"This class is an excellent idea for any couple or single parent-to-be. There is so much to learn to be prepared for birth; the knowledge and confidence we gained was crucial for being as ready as you can be. For the non-pregnant partner who wants to be a serious part of the birthing process, there is nothing I would recommend more. Leandra will teach you so much!"

~Annie and Ben, and baby Francis (7 lbs 6 oz)


"Bradley® Classes really prepared us for our amazing, beautiful, natural birth. Our instructor was amazing, caring, and a wonderful teacher! We learned so much from her. I was able to stay relaxed and my husband was a very confident birth coach - so fantastic! We were so prepared and had a wonderful birth!"

~Katie and Erik, and baby Elin (8 lbs 6 oz)


"Even though our pregnancy had to end with a cesarean, we believe we benefited greatly from our Bradley Method® Classes. We were worried and we didn't know quite what to expect. The Bradley Method® made the pregnancy easier for both of us because we knew what to expect. It gave us the confidence we needed to relax and prepare. We didn't need to use the labor methods we practiced, but we knew what we wanted for the parts we did have control of. We also knew what to expect at the hospital, and Ally was able to recover from surgery using only Ibuprofen because of the confidence she gained from the Bradley Method® Classes."

~Ally and Justin, and baby Finn (7 lbs 3 oz)


"The Bradley Method® helped me to feel more prepared and involved in this life changing experience. The knowledge and preparation offered by the course prepared me to best support and guide my lover through this challenging experience. Thank you Bradley Method® for helping me prepare for this responsibility."

"The Bradley Method® helped to empower me and learn to be a true advocate for my needs and wants throughout the birthing process. I would truly recommend this course to anyone who is expecting a new bundle of joy."

~Alexis and John, and baby Jaliyah (7 lbs 11 oz)


"Taking the Bradley Method® class really helped prepare me and give us an idea of what to expect during labor and delivery. I was able to better prepare for and cope with the contractions, and had a greater knowledge that helped me to make more educated decisions I was confident with. I would definitely recommend this class to anyone aiming towards a natural birth. We had an amazing experience."

~Nicole and Jordan, and baby Skyler (6 lbs 6 oz)

YOUNG, LEANDRA AAHCC<br />Affiliated Instructor
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