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My husband Patrick and I met our senior year in high school, and we have been together ever since. We lived in the desert at the time and finding Humboldt County was like a breath of fresh air. Captivated by the beautiful landscapes and the friendly people, we decided to make Humboldt County our home. We have lived here for over 14 years now with our 3 children, 2 cats, and 1 dog.

Patrick and I learned about the Bradley Method® when we were pregnant with our first child and we were able to have 3 all natural childbirth experiences because of the knowledge and confidence we gained from taking these classes. In 2009, I decided to become a teacher myself so that I could share the wonders of the Bradley Method® with other couples seeking a natural childbirth. Birth is such a miracle and I love connecting with couples and sharing in their excitement as the life within them grows.

My 1st Birth Experience:

It happened suddenly in early 1998. As my husband and I sat and stared at the appearing little blue line, it dawned on us that we were going to be parents. My first thought was "How am I going to tell my parents?", even though I was an adult and had been living with my husband for 3 years prior. As time went on, however, we adjusted to the idea of becoming parents and we began to prepare for the big day.

As my belly grew bigger and bigger, people would ask us about the childbirth class we had chosen. When learning that we had not chosen one yet, they would offer their suggestions as to which one we should take. A co-worker of mine suggested that we try the Bradley Method® of Natural Childbirth. We had not heard of it before but, since it was being taught by someone we knew, and because I liked the idea of a natural childbirth, we decided to give it a try. And we are so glad that we did!

By the time our first son was ready to be born, my husband and I felt prepared. We had developed our birth plan and discussed it with the doctor. We had followed the nutrition plan, for the most part, and followed the daily exercise routine. We had practiced relaxation techniques and found what worked for us.

When the contractions started on the evening of August 20th, 1998, my husband raced around the house gathering up everything we would need, and then we settled down for the night. I labored off and on throughout the night and through the next day. The birth continued on as we had planned, although quite a bit longer.

On August 21st, 1998, after 22 hours of labor, our son Derrick was finally born. I did not receive any drugs of any kind during this time. Instead, I received a lot of encouragement, massage, and guidance. The birth team we had chosen were all very supportive. They worked with us as a team to bring my son into this world. It was a wonderful experience!

My husband and I were so impressed with the Bradley Method® that when we became pregnant with our second and then our third child, there was never any doubt as to which birthing class we would attend. So, if you suddenly find yourself, or someone you know, in a position where you are asking “which child birth class should I take?” I strongly suggest you take the Bradley Method® of Natural Childbirth.
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