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Megan is an energetic mom, a licensed public school teacher (English, French), and a jack-of-all-trades with many fun interests: cooking, photography, cheese-tasting, living green, jewelry making, leather bound book collecting, sewing, painting, etc.

In 2014, Jordan and I took a Bradley Method class to prepare for our first child. It was an eye-opening experience for both of us. Jordan had little idea how much he could participate in the pregnancy and the arrival of his baby; I was beginning to respect my body on a completely different level. In short, our class got us really,really excited for our baby and all things 'childbirth.'

During the last month of my pregnancy, I pondered and internalized the phrase, "Your body was made to do this." That phrase became the theme of our son's birth, and it helped us persevere through the more challenging moments of labor. In fact, the second after our son was born, I was making jokes, ordering food, and walking around. Jordan was amazed (but not surprised) by my strength and quick recovery. I reminded him, "My body was made to do this!"

Our son's birth was incredibly positive, and we assert that it's a direct result of our preparation. We didn't approach labor screaming and frantic, like movies depict childbirth. We were calm. We were smiling. We were excited. More important than our natural childbirth was the fact that we made informed decisions at absolutely every turn.

Our passion for childbirth education was born with our son, but it grows exponentially with each woman and partner that we teach. Forget what you've heard -- childbirth is incredible! As certified instructors for the Bradley Method, it is our privilege to share the techniques, knowledge, and confidence that made our own birth such a joy. 

Jordan is a PhD student in Political Science and Japanese. In his spare time, he is an awesome dad, a violinist, a curator of retro video games, and an amateur birdwatcher (favorite bird: peregrine falcon).

Megan approached pregnancy like she approaches everything in life; she was incredibly thorough in researching her options. While investigating birth classes, she became interested in The Bradley Method and approached me about taking the class. 

I was admittedly reticent to invest in a 12-week childbirth class. Knowing my wife, I asked, "Can't we learn some of these labor skills on our own?" I will never forget the time or location of this pivotal discussion. Honestly, I had no idea how much of a role I could play in our birth experience, but as Megan explained the curriculum of the Bradley Method, I liked the idea of being a more active, informed participant in our pregnancy.

After 12 weeks of interesting classes, eating well, exercising, labor practices, camaraderie, and excitement, our sweet son was born without induction or medication. Prior to our Bradley class, I had expected to hold Megan's hand through labor. Instead, I massaged her, applied counter pressure, encouraged her, aided her mental and emotional relaxation, and coached her into different labor positions. I was an actual part of our baby's birth. 

Megan often tells people that I worked almost as hard as she did. While I feel like she deserves all of the praise, I'm grateful for the role that I played in our son's birth.

Supporting my wife through labor was one of the most transformative moments of my life, and I am positive that I can thank our childbirth class for that.

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