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Dear Parents-To-Be:

    My name is Megan. I am the mother of a two little boys, both of whom I birthed at home with the help of these classes. I have attended and assisted several births as a doula, but over time I realized how far above the curve the Bradley Method® had thrown me and so became a teacher, simply for the sake of educating other couples in the interest of helping them to achieve their best birth both physically and psychologically.


   Even before I discovered the classes, I longed for something more. I have always been a "research" type of person, so, in addition to taking Lamaze and my local hospital's prenatal class, I chose to also take the 12-week Bradley series, simply to give myself a broader depth of information. While initially stunned and skeptical of the 3 months of classes, I quickly found that the information presented was exactly what I had been looking for. Today I continue to keep up with birth and labor trends and advancements. 


I truly believe that with proper education, diet, exercise, relaxation, and commitment, birth can be a completely fulfilling event.


    While natural childbirth may not be for everyone, I can personally tell you that, upon going into labor, I was completely confident of my coach's and body's ability and unafraid of the labor process and pains. Whether I had labored at home or in a hospital, birthed naturally, with medication, or even via cesarean section, all of which were considered, I am glad I had this information and cannot wait to share it with you!

 If you're wondering about my personal birth experience, I'll give you the skinny: 

   During my first labor I labored for six hours and pushed for approximately 15-20 minutes. Miraculously, the labor was almost entirely pain-free... naturally! During my second labor I had a similar labor time... six and a half hours. However, my second son was posterior (face towards front, instead of back) and as a result experienced intense back labor and a definitively painful pushing period. My son was born with his hand beside his face and with his bag of waters intact (en caul)!

    I never thought that I could actually like giving birth, but even with a more intense labor, they are the fondest memories I have. I was walking mere minutes after each birth and attribute every bit of my amazing experience to the wonderful training I and my birth coaches received. 

My greatest hope is that you can also experience the wonder and empowerment that comes from giving birth... naturally!

REED, MEGAN <br />Provisional Instructor
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