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My name is Meredith Bowling and I am a Birth & Postpartum Doula, Childbirth Educator, Evidence Based Birth® Instructor, and a mother of 2 amazing girls, Parker and Eleanor.  When I first became pregnant,  I was scared, nervous, and knew nothing about childbirth.  I wasn't exposed by family or my community to pregnancy, childbirth, and breastfeeding

My first birth with Parker was the typical "Hospital" childbirth experience laden with IVs, medical procedures, interventions, and drugs. The hospital controlled by labor and birth. I was lucky!  I was able to have a medicated vaginal birth and the snow ball effects of hospital procedures did not end up in a Caesarean.  I didn't even know that would have been an option.

Then when I became pregnant with Eleanor I wanted a birth that felt real and whole.  As a mother and a woman I felt like I was missing out on childbirth from my first birth.  I knew my body was made to give birth, and I wanted to experience the gift that only women have.  I found The Bradley Method® and took the 12 week classes. I was health, strong, prepared, and confident. I had a relaxed and natural drug free birth in a hospital that was exactly what I wanted.  It was the only experienced that I have ever had in my life that was so amazing and full of success. 

I started becoming a verbal Bradley Method® advocator, and I found myself telling every pregnant woman that a natural childbirth will change their life, and provide so much health and wellbeing to them and their baby.  That is how I started teaching The Bradley Method® of Natural Childbirth.

Childbirth is nothing new, woman have been giving birth for centuries. Our bodies are made to give birth..naturally and drug free.  Knowing how and what is normal in pregnancy, labor and delivery makes you go from being scared to feeling empowered and courageous. Education on evidenced base birth options gives you the power to choose them for yourselves.

Every pregnant mom, couple, and family should feel this way when it comes to their child's birth.  We all have choices when it comes to raising our children and it starts at pregnancy.  

Healthy Baby, Healthy Mother and Healthy Families.

BOWLING, MEREDITH AAHCC<br />Affiliated Instructor
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