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My husband and I had an amazing experience with The Bradley Method® for the birth of our daughter! Preparing, educating, and practicing before helped us to have a wonderful Bradley birth at home. We are passionate about natural childbirth and would be delighted to walk on this journey with you!

The birth story of our daughter:
	I went into labor 5 days after my due date and after 40 long hours I had the 
amazing home birth or my little Amarah! It was long and hard, but I had the 
worlds best coach, my husband, and got the birth I dreamed of!

	It was a Thursday afternoon and I started feeling contractions but was in 
denial that it was finally happening! After my husband got home from work he set 
up the birth pool and I got some things done "just in case." That night my 
contractions were very hard but still about 10 min apart. I was up all night 
with strong contractions that got closer together around 5 min. We focused on 
relaxing throughout them and called my midwife to give her the heads up. The 
contractions started getting sporadic, going from 2 min to 7 to 13 back to 2, 
etc. We soon realized that we were not having a text book birth! My husband was 
an amazing coach from the beginning and new how to cheer me up when I was only 4 
cm dilated after 25 hours. 
	When midwife arrived we were thinking this baby would soon come, but she had a 
little different plan. Our little girl was doing great with a strong heart beat, 
just took her time to join us in the world! I had an amazing support team with 
my husband as my coach! Our relationship has always been strong, but this moved 
us to a complete new level of intimacy, love, and trust. Because our birth 
didn't progress in what is considered "normal" we had the opportunity to use 
even more of what we learned in class through coaching and relaxation that ease 
the labor and helped me to focus. It was hard to tell what was next, but we just 
went with it and allowed my body to birth. The Bradley Method® trained my husband 
and I to practice and discuss the birth in depth prior to labor so that it came 
natural to us when it took place. 
	I hadn't slept a few days prior to the onset of labor and had now been awake 
many days. The combination of labor and my exhaustion were tiring, but my 
husband never left my side. He encouraged me through all of it and was the 
strength I needed to go on! When I felt I could go on no more he reminded me I 
could and was able to call out the desire in me to finish strong. Even though it 
was hard, I had such peace because I trusted the birth process. The beauty of 
birth is that its never the same and "normal" is just where we fall on the bell 
curve. Whatever it looks like, it is ours.
	After a long transition period I finally dilated far enough push. We jumped 
into the tub and about an hour later our beautiful and amazing little girl 
entered the world into my husbands arms. Tears and shouts of joy filled the room 
as we held our most perfect gift. It was such an amazing and fulfilling journey 
that changed our lives forever and we thank The Bradley method® so much for that. 
My husband got so enthralled by the birthing processes that he took every 
opportunity before our birth to learn and educate himself in being my perfect 
coach. I joke he knows more about birth than most women I know! The Bradley 
process made us even more of a team and we look forward to helping other couples 
become that team as well. Birthing naturally was the best decision we ever made!   

LENGEMAN, MOLLY & DAVID AAHCC<br />Affiliated Instructor
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