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I never thought about the kind of birth I wanted until I was pregnant with our first child. I assumed I had only one choice, and that was to do what the doctor and hospital wanted me to do. I am not super crunchy, but as a professional Health Educator I very much believe in wellness, leading a preventative type lifestyle, and being an educated consumer. 

 As we began our pregnancy journey, I began to think of childbirth as a physical event that I wanted to conquer, on my own, and without pain medications, for no other reason than the challenge. As a marathon runner, I knew I should train for this event as I would any other. My husband and I began taking Bradley® Classes, and we really looked forward to going every week, learning and soaking it all in, and being with like-minded couples in a world were everyone wants to induce and medicate. 

 We did everything we could to prepare, however it wasn’t until it was too late that we realized our group of doctors definitely did not align with our wishes for our birth. We hoped that we could have the birth we wanted for our son and that it would be easy and uncomplicated. My labor ended with many interventions that I did not want, ultimately a c-section. I believe that being a previous c-section momma gives me a unique perspective in helping women in give birth naturally after a labor that may have been medically managed.

 Fast-forward 15 months, and we were expecting our second baby! We were as determined as ever, with a well-known supportive doctor of the natural process, and a doula! I had the most amazing, healing, perfect natural birth and it was the best and most rewarding moment of my life. I knew within days of that birth that I wanted to help others achieve that moment of pure bliss. I never want another mother to experience a birth like my first – unsupported and verbally discouraged during labor.

 I am thrilled and honored to have the opportunity to educate and support you and your partner on this exciting journey!

Testimonial from a recent couple: 

My wife and I had the pleasure of taking Bradley classes with Nicole in early 2017 prior to having our first child and I am SO glad we did. The thoughts/questions can be overwhelming when having a child, especially a first child. Never having changed a diaper in my life, I was a deer in the headlights when it came to anything baby. By the end of the 12 weeks of classes, I can say I was more than prepared and felt a very relaxed confidence when the first contractions began. We ended up having a very long 52 hour labor and faced many curveballs throughout. Nicole's lessons prepared us for the obstacles and helped us to deal with each one from a clear and healthy mindset vs. frantic and confused. Nicole is incredibly friendly, professional, passionate and extremely knowledgeable when it comes to birth and everything babies. Because there are so many classes, Nicole did a great job of mixing up lessons through different exercises and activities. The information proved to be invaluable. Because I knew exactly what to expect, I was able to provide direction and care for my wife when she wasn't always able to articulate what she needed. We would HIGHLY recommend taking classes with Nicole. I have since had friends come to me for questions and advice. Nicole made me an expert ;) In addition, Nicole also helped us find both doula and photographer. Both of which we were more than happy with.

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