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Congratulations on your pregnancy and thank you for considering the Bradley Method® of natural childbirth!  My husband and I used the method for the natural births of all three of our children and can personally attest to the fact that the Bradley Method® really works!  In fact, over 87 percent of vaginal Bradley births are unmedicated.  If you are like us, when choosing a natural childbirth class you want to make sure that it will actually prepare you for unmedicated birth -- and the Bradley Method® does! 

The class covers all aspects of having a healthy pregnancy and a natural birth -- including relaxation techniques, how to reduce and/or eliminate "pain" in labor, nutrition, exercise, interacting with your medical provider, birth plans, the physiology and psychology of labor and interventions, and how your partner can be a great coach -- as well as early bonding with your baby and breastfeeding. 

The class is designed to be a safe, welcoming space where we can all learn from the materials and one another in a fun, informal way.  The class incorporates videos, relaxation exercises, labor rehearsals, and physical exercises; students also receive a 125-page Student Workbook containing the class curriculum, study guides, and information on pregnancy, labor, birth, postpartum, coaches/doula training, ways of handling pain in labor, pre-birth bonding, staying healthy and low risk, nutrition, protein counter, birth plans, relaxation exercises, labor rehearsals, and breastfeeding.

I have extensive knowledge in the realms of breastfeeding and pumping, prenatal exercise, affirmations and meditation-based relaxation, baby-wearing, and preparing siblings for a new baby, and will augment the coursework with additional information on these topics as needed. My husband will help teach several of the classes, in order to provide advice and support to the male partners.

Students are welcome to borrow materials from my large library of books (covering pregnancy, natural childbirth, the first year of life, breastfeeding, vaccines, and more), prenatal exercise DVDs, and birthing videos.  

My classes, held in midtown Sacramento, are kept small to maximize individual attention.  I also offer private classes at your home or other location of your choice, if you prefer one-on-one instruction.

As your childbirth educator, I am reachable by phone and email for your questions and comments whenever you need me. 

New Bradley Method® classes are starting soon -- please contact me to discuss times and any questions you may have!

Cell: 916.718.9693



“I was not committed to having a natural childbirth.  In fact, I have such a low pain tolerance I was almost sure I would not be able to go through childbirth without medication.  I signed up for Renée’s class only wanting to be more educated on the child birth experience.  Renée’s class changed everything.  She empowered, equipped and fully prepared us for all the little surprises during childbirth. At the end of 12 weeks, my husband and I were closer than ever – I was happy, calm and fully confident I would have our beautiful baby boy naturally without any medication, and I did.

Renée goes above and beyond any Bradley method instructor.  She is patient, intensely thorough, passionate, compassionate and kind. She gives all her students 200% and will take time to make sure you have all answers and knowledge you need/want.

Renée enabled us to have one of the most special, powerful experiences of our lives – I highly recommend her to anyone who is pregnant and wants to have an amazing childbirth experience!”

~ Sunny

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“Renée’s Bradley Method classes were exactly what I was looking for, leading me to my ultimate goal of natural childbirth. Renée is a wonderful, energetic  instructor with a wide range of resources– there were no pregnancy-related or postpartum questions that she couldn’t answer! I’m happy to say that my husband & I were able to successfully use the techniques that we had learned throughout the 12 weeks of class during my labor & delivery.  Renée went above & beyond to make sure that everyone had a good understanding of what to expect and how to reduce the chances of hospital interventions. Thanks to her, I had an extremely rewarding natural childbirth experience.”

~ Sandra

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“Renée’s Bradley classes were instrumental in our natural childbirth accomplishment. One may think 12 weeks is a long commitment, but every single class was well worth the time.  In fact, it was these very classes that brought my wife and me closer together, and really opened my eyes into the fact of what was happening to her, and that we really were going to be having a baby (it seemed so abstract prior to the classes). These classes helped prepare us for the baby physically, psychologically, spiritually, emotionally, and as a couple.  While not exactly a couple’s retreat, Renée helps couples feel closer and begin to interact together toward the new life that is soon to enter their lives.  I don’t know if we could say enough about Renée – she is committed, passionate, knowledgeable, understanding, energetic, and kind.  She is a first-rate Bradley instructor who uses experience and updated research to complement the Bradley Method.  We left the class confident in our abilities, but also knew that Renée would be there for us if we had questions. In fact, she was in frequent communication with us during our labor late into the night.  Even if we move away, Renée will always be a part of our son’s life because she was such a positive part of his journey into the world.  Every time we tell or think about this birth story, Renée will be a shining light that gave us courage and wisdom to do it the way we wanted, to the best of our ability.”

~ Tyler

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“This Bradley Method class was the best thing I did my entire pregnancy! I was interested in natural birth but after reading a stack of birthing books I still felt unprepared. I signed up for Renée’s class and was blown away by the mountain of practical information I received in just the first class. Renée was always enthusiastic and full of knowledge.  She provided my husband and me with answers for every question we had and educated us on how to get the birth experience we wanted.  I felt completely prepared before the end of class and had an amazing birth experience that I could not have achieved without Renée and her class.”

~ Larissa

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“I signed up for Renée’s Bradley class wanting to learn more about having a natural child birth but not really sure if I could do it.  After the 12 weeks, I felt incredibly empowered and was able to birth my son naturally.  Renée goes over every possible labor scenario, what to expect, what could go wrong and how to cope with each stage of labor and delivery.  She also details stages of pregnancy and why its important to be healthy in order to prepare your body for labor.  She allowed the class to freely ask questions and would take the time to make sure we all felt comfortable and understood the material.  The emphasis on partner involvement is key and my son’s father enjoyed the classes while learning valuable information on how to support me during labor.  Renée also checked in with me on a regular basis via phone to talk one on one about any questions or concerns I had. I would highly recommend Renée’s class to anyone who wants a natural child birth because (as Renée taught us), our bodies are made for this!”

~ Sarah

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“Renée was such a calming and empowering presence during my pregnancy.  After each conversation with Renée, I felt excited about giving birth and I was able to enter childbirth without fear.  Since my baby’s birth, she has continued to be a great support and resource about a wide range of subjects, including responding to my many questions about breastfeeding, pumping, teething, breastfeeding during teething, napping, nighttime sleep, and communication with your partner after the baby’s birth.  When confronted with a new baby-related challenge, I will often do an Internet search, and quickly realize, “I need Renée!”  For any issue, she immediately has multiple suggestions and can offer both the research behind the advice and her practical experience.  I leave each conversation feeling better equipped to be a great parent and uplifted from my time with Renée, who is a rare and wonderful blend of being joyful, calming, and funny.  She is my number one resource, and I’m thrilled that other families will benefit from her wisdom and care.”

~ Jane

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“My husband and I wanted to try and have our baby naturally, we had heard about the Bradley Method and found Renée and we were very thankful and grateful that we did! We loved Renée’s class. We felt that she really educated us and prepared us for the journey of labor and birth. Before the class we were both a bit afraid of the whole thing and didn’t know what to expect! But afterwards we actually felt ready and felt much more calm about it as we learned so much (all those labor rehearsals were great)!  We really appreciated that Renée was always there for us and still is!  Even now we can call her with any question we might have about our baby and she’s always there and full of great advice for new parents.  Renée is more than just an instructor to us, she has become our friend and an important part of bringing our boy into this world. We would recommend Renée’s class to anyone who hopes to achieve a natural childbirth!”

~ Erica & Joseph

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"Every time I talk to someone about my birth and pregnancy, I am more and more grateful for Renée's Bradley Method class and her passion!  The class is something that truly empowers you and your partner. It's knowledge and experience that you get to keep forever."

~ Anna

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"Being a father in the birthing process can be difficult as you are trying to find a place in the process where you can be helpful, and moreover, relevant. My friends and family told me to be prepared to be a spectator; just waiting around to get/move/carry something. Since my wife and I were so excited to welcome our little wonder into the world I wanted something different than the traditional “guys- wife-gives-birth” role. I wanted to be a part of our baby’s life from the start, and more than anything I wanted to be closer to my wife in the process. Renée’s class does exactly that. Her class teaches and prepares the husband how to advocate for the mother and child while being fully engaged in the birthing process. Everything she teaches from the signs of labor to role-playing with the nurses and doctors will give any father/partner the tools needed to ensure the birth is a wonderful experience. I would highly recommend not only the Bradley class but Renée overall as she is truly a magnificent teacher, advisor and team-mate."      

~ Nick

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"The wonderful Bradley Method class with Renée empowered us to have a natural, unmedicated home birth (with the help of the two amazing Rachels, midwifes of Birthstream) of our little Wolfie. Renée goes above and beyond what you would expect from a childbirth preparation class, and even though my husband and I are working in the medical field, there were many many things we didn’t know. We are eternally grateful for the experience, and we could not have done it without Renée‘s class."

~ Andrea

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"With my first child, I knew nothing about childbirth. I realized this after having her in the most unnatural way lol. I was all about the epidurals and anything else they offered up. I was in labor almost 24 hours with her.  I was unable to breastfeed her at all after I had her. She wasn’t breathing when she was born. It turned out fine, but was very scary. She was overdue and big and should’ve been healthy. This was before I became aware of the concept of natural childbirth.

When I became pregnant w my second child, I was much older and I knew it all (insert sarcastic snicker here). I googled and discovered the Bradley Method Classes. I also found that my elementary school friend (Renee) was an instructor! I contacted her and although I was sure her class would be beneficial, I was being cheap (who wants to spend more money when expecting another mouth to feed lol) and thought I would just save a few bucks and google all the information I needed instead. Fast forward to the labor and delivery room w child #2. I realized as I lay there (on my back< mistake number one) for over 20 hrs in more pain I knew existed, that all that I googled was for naught. The midwives were asking me questions I had no answers for and I felt angry, scared, frustrated and disappointed. Oh, did I mention the pain? I delivered baby #2 naturally, but not happily.

Fast forward one more time to baby #3. After reading the results of the pregnancy test, I told my husband within the first minute- and then I told Renee about two minutes later bc that’s how fast I tried to enroll in her class after discovering I was pregnant with my third. She was seriously the second person I told. I was bound and determined to get the natural child birth experience right w my final child! I obviously did not feel like attending any class while pregnant, uncomfortable and busy. However, each class was fun, and man, were they ever informative!!! At the start of this class, I obviously knew it all- I mean, at the very least I knew everything as far as what questions I had for Renee and what to expect in the labor and delivery room. After all, this was my third kid. Alas, topics and issues I never even thought of googling came up in each class. At the end of each class, I would drive home thinking, omogsh, what else do I not know that I really need to know?! I learned SO MUCH. The cool part is that once you know, you cannot UN know lol. Renee makes the class so fun. You are constantly learning not just facts (you learn a ton of facts!) but it’s like she invites you into this whole other world of eye opening ideas and perceptions. I became aware of so many things, both simple and complex things that never entered my mind before the class. By the time I was going into labor w #3, I was ready! When I went into active labor, I actually understood what was happening! It was truly amazing! It was like I finally had some top secret step by step directions on how to succeed in delivering a baby 100% naturally! Knowledge truly is power, especially when you are in labor! I had my 9.2 oz son with very little pain and with less than 2 hours at the hospital before he arrived. Everyone outside the class kept telling me that this would be the hardest labor and delivery due to me being much older and due to him being a bigger baby (the doctor told me he would be over 9 lbs before he was born). However, it was hands down, the easiest and happiest labor and delivery. Renee’s class doesn’t just teach you things that are helpful for labor and deliveries- she teaches you things that will help immensely after the baby is born. For example, breastfeeding success (or failure) can be affected greatly by what you do in labor or delivery. Who knew!? There is not enough time in the world to explain all I learned, or how grateful I am to Renee for all she does for so many expectant parents by teaching this class. She answers countless calls and emails (from me lol) and makes all her students feel supported and loved and ready! I know she’s a busy girl, but she made me feel like I was the only student or person in her life lol when I had a question (I had a lot) and she would always respond quickly and patiently. I have been proclaiming how wonderful and necessary her class is to anyone who will listen ever since. I only wish I would’ve had her class before I had my first two kids. Renee is like a Saint- like, a really smart and fun Saint lol. The difference between my first two labors and the last labor and delivery, are like night and day. I highly recommend this class to all expecting parents."  . 

~ Amber

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 "Renée was and IS amazing. I knew I wanted a natural birth, so I did some research to find classes in Sacramento. I e-mailed a few doulas, and after mentioning my due date, I actually had one of the other doulas tell me I would get so much from Renée . . . and they were right. We learned so much in Renée's class. She genuinely cares about everyone, their birthing experiences and their babies. She covers every possible scenario to fully prepare you for anything in the delivery room. She is so knowledgeable on everything pregnancy, birth and postpartum; I would recommend her classes to anyone wanting a natural birth. Not only has Renée helped me through pregnancy and birth, she continues to answer questions I have regarding breastfeeding. My son is 15 months now, and Renée STILL answers questions and checks in to make sure we are doing okay. She is amazing, you won't regret it!"

~ Julie

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"What can be said about this wonderful woman that already hasn't been said? As the youngest of 3 girls, the last to have my baby, I felt like I was going to be flooded with advice, and questions, and people questioning my choices. But the knowledge I gain from my class with Renée was able to empower me with the answers that I was looking for without relying on my family as my only source of information. I was able to take their advice and what I had learned and confidently make choices that I feel we're the best that I could have made for my daughter. I was incredibly grateful how the class with Renée brought out an amazing side to my daughter's father and truly incoporated him into the process. I could not have asked for a better experience."


~ Darcy

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