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We have had three beautiful births using The Bradley Method®! This is our second birth story. Enjoy!

Early on May 16th I woke up with strong Braxton Hicks. Excited but unsure whether this was real or false labor, I got up drank water, had a bite to eat, walked around, took a shower and the Braxtons kept coming. Finally I woke up my husband and he started timing them. They were not very regular, but becoming stronger.

We ate breakfast and headed to our chiropractor that was an hour away. He specializes in adjusting pregnant women. The contractions were irregular. I focused on relaxing and breathing naturally through each one. After getting an adjustment we headed over to our midwife for our weekly appointment. The contractions were still coming, but not as often. My midwife recommended I go home and sleep as much as possible.

I had lunch and then slept for nearly 3 hours. I woke up with strong contractions and focused on relaxing and visualizing “floating over the wave”. Finally the contractions became difficult to relax through and I felt that I needed my husband, David, to help me get through them. I woke him up (he was also taking an nap) and he started timing them. They were coming more regular now and were very strong. We called our midwife and David finished filling the birthing pool. While he was doing this I continued relaxing and focused on breathing regularly.

Our midwife arrived and took over for David while he checked on the pool and called our friend to come pick up our daughter. Thinking that I would have another long labor like my first baby, we were not hurried and told them to take their time getting here. I was now very serious and focused. Back rubs and slow steady breathing helped me get through each contraction. Our three year old daughter had no idea that I was in labor. Things were so calm and peaceful she chatted to the midwife and her assistant like this was an everyday occurrence. Finally our friends arrived and I said goodbye to her.

Knowing it was important to use the restroom often I went and sat on the toilet. Suddenly there was an incredible urge to push. So I went with my body and pushed, there was a distinct POP and my water broke. I definitely hit the emotional signpost of self-doubt and called for David (who was saying goodbye to our daughter.) He happened to be on the other side of the bathroom window and came running back inside. The midwife's assistant was there and assured me I was doing great. David's presence instantly made me feel more confident. I knew we could do this together.

The urges to push were coming so fast I could only take a couple steps before needing to stop and push again. We tried to get to the birthing pool, but I didn't make it. My last couple of pushes ended up being right beside the pool. I was in a squatting position leaning on my husband for support. It all happened so quickly that after I had pushed her out I still could not believe she was out. My midwife caught our baby and immediately gave her to my husband in front of me. He reached between my legs and handed her immediately to me. We were thrilled to see our sweet baby girl for the first time.

The entire birth was so natural and peaceful. I relaxed on the bed and baby Loren started nursing. Our sweet midwife brought us orange juice as we waited for the cord to stop pulsing. When it finally stopped David cut the cord. About 40 minutes later I delivered the placenta. As a bonus I had not torn and did not require any stitches. Debbie, our midwife, commented during the newborn exam that Loren was the calmest baby she had ever seen. I showered while David brushed up on his newborn diaper skills. Although I was tired I felt great.

What a joy it was to give birth naturally. I was so thankful that God allowed us the opportunity to give our baby such a peaceful, healthy start to life outside the womb. All the things we had learned and practiced through Bradley® about exercises and relaxation techniques I believe helped empower us to not fear the birth. I instead understood what to expect and what my own body was capable of doing. The Bradley Method® made all the difference in our baby's birth.

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