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Classes are once a week for 2 hours for 12 weeks in downtown Troy.  The cost of the class is $300, with a $100 non-refundable deposit required to reserve your spot. The remaining $200 is due no later than the first class.  Your tuition includes the classes, the class workbook, access to the lending library, and “24/7” access to instructor for support or questions throughout your pregnancy, labor, and through 6 weeks postpartum.  The class topics include staying healthy and low risk through pregnancy with nutrition and exercise, preparing your body for labor with nutrition, exercise and relaxation practice, the stages of labor and strategies for handling each, common hospital interventions and the risks and benefits of each, the benefits and the mechanics of breastfeeding, newborn procedures, and caring for your newborn in the first couple of weeks.  We can also discuss any other topics you would like as it is YOUR class.  Some common additional subjects are cloth diapering and babywearing.

Payment Methods: Cash is preferred.  Checks are accepted but students must be paid in full one week prior to taking a workbook home to allow for bank processing time.  There is a $30 fee for returned checks.  Payment plans are available upon request. 

Refunds: Refunds are only issued if the class is cancelled by the instructor.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why should you choose an independent childbirth educator instead of the hospital's class?

"Part of the [hospital] instructor's job, as a hospital employee, is to prepare mothers to fit nicely into hospital routines and delivery procedures. In general in these classes, the woman is taught passive acceptance of all procedures used in a particular hospital. 

The independent teacher is the one who works for YOU. She has no financial ties to anyone else and therefore cannot be motivated to omit information you should have. She is not motivated to "sell" you on any procedures which current research shows to be harmful. She is able to supply you with any information that may be pertinent to your decisions about birth." -- Susan McCutcheon

When should I start classes?

 Healthy nutrition, exercise, and information for a successful pregnancy are important from the beginning!   For most couples, the recommended time to begin classes is the 5th  or 6th month of pregnancy.   This allows you the time you need to train for labor and the upcoming role of becoming a parent.  The earlier you start, the better prepared you will be for the emotional, mental and physical aspects of pregnancy and labor, and those of becoming a parent.     

Is this class only for first time moms & dads?

No!  This class is for anyone who is interested in a healthy natural childbirth and wants to give their baby the right start in life.  Sometimes seasoned mom’s want to try something new when unhappy with past experiences, and other’s just want a refresher. 

Do you have to be married to take classes?

No.  Classes are open to all.  Single moms can come to classes and bring someone they are close to that they have chosen as a coach.  Couples who are unmarried are also welcome, as are married couples.   Many times you will just see “husband” written because Dr Bradley also called The Bradley Method® “Husband Coached Childbirth”.    Anyone you are close to can be your coach.

What does The Bradley Method® Teach?

The Bradley Method® endorses and teaches the following 12 ideals:

1.  Natural childbirth.

2.  Active Participation of the husband (or other partner) as a coach.

3.  Excellent nutrition, the foundation of a healthy pregnancy.

4.  Avoidance of drugs during pregnancy, birth, and breastfeeding unless absolutely necessary.

5.  Training:  “Early-bird” classes, followed by weekly classes starting in the 6th month, continuing until birth.

6.  Relaxation and NATURAL breathing.

7.  “Tuning-in” to your body.

8.  Immediate and continuous contact with your baby.

9.  Breastfeeding beginning at birth.

10. Consumerism and positive communication.

11. Parents taking responsibility for the safety of the birth place, procedures, attendants, and emergency back-up.

12. Parents prepared for unexpected situations such as emergency childbirth, and cesarean section.

What will we do at class?

Discussions, exercises, practice relaxation, videos, and personal attention to concerns and questions.  We will discuss nutrition, pregnancy, birth plans, couple communication, labor stages, fear of birth, comfort measures, labor positions, rhythm of labor, interventions and medications, complications, C-sections, infant preparations, breastfeeding, and so much more!   We learn so many things we can’t list them all here!

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The Bradley Method® of Natural Childbirth standard series is designed for small classes with lots of individual attention. The standard length of the classes is 12 weeks covering 12 units of instruction. The Official Student Workbook is supplied to every couple attending classes. It is 130 pages with over 75 pictures and illustrations. A Coach Card is also included. Your local instructor in The Bradley Method® of Natural Childbirth is an independent affiliated instructor. Some classes are video enriched and offer a Certificate of Congratulations.

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