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Thank you for your interest in The Bradley Method®!  FYI, the pic to the right is one of my Bradley® babies . . . I love meeting all the babies at our class reunions! :-)

I assume that you are here because you want something different than "the norm" for your birth experience, and that you want to find out what else is available "outside of that norm."

I am excited to help you begin this journey to explore and achieve your goals of having a positive, healthy, satisfying, and empowering pregnancy and birth experience.  Additionally, there are so many changes that take place after your baby is born.  I would also like to help you smoothly transition into your role(s) as a parent(s). 

Please click on the "About Me" tab to learn more about my background and experience.  You'll find a list of everything that is included in the class fee under the "My Classes" tab.

I readily acknowledge that many family units today are not the "traditional mom/wife and dad/husband" ones and my classes reflect this, so please do not be put off by the whole "husband coached" thing.  I have had many "non-traditional" families in my classes and welcome the diversity.

The Bradley Method® isn't just about "natural childbirth."  Other aspect to consider include:

  • Healthier mom and baby...staying healthy and low risk during pregnancy means you automatically reduce your risk for unnecessary interventions.
  • Ways to make your pregnancy more comfortable.  For instance, back pain or heartburn or "what is that stabbing pain I keep getting?" ... we will address that.
  • Lots of tips and techniques to help you successfully manage your labor (physical, mental, and emotional) which translates into a shorter and easier labor. 
  • Relaxation is the key to natural childbirth. Our first reaction when we are in pain is not to "let go."  It is to tense up (and maybe say a few choice words).  So, relaxing/letting go when we are in pain isn't natural.  That means that we have to learn how to do that.  There are 3 different types of relaxation...physical (which we are probably most familiar with), mental, and emotional.  All 3 are essential for complete relaxation (the key to natural childbirth).  In the Bradley Method, we start out with physical relaxation and then incorporate the mental and emotional aspects...And, we are highly successful with these techniques.
  • Greatly reduced risk for cesarean birth and all other interventions...Last year 79% of my couples, who started labor on their own [not induced or a scheduled cesarean], had their babies naturally.  Wichita had a 44% cesarean rate in 2013, the national epidural rate is 90-95% and the induction rate is about 24%.
  • Positive communication between couples and between couples and their caregiver.  This is absolutely essential to have a good birth.
  • Knowledgeable couples making truly informed decisions leads to a positive/satisfying birth experience.
  • Breastfeeding, okay, WOW...not only is it great for babies (superior nutrition, immunological, and developmental wise), it's great for mom and the whole family unit.  From a personal perspective, I can say with complete confidence, that breastfeeding my babies was one of THE most incredible things I have done in my life.  I am also a huge advocate of sleeping with your baby (under the right conditions) and this contributes to successful/extended breastfeeding as well as increased infant brain development. 
  • Decreased postpartum issues.  You will learn how to successfully navigate the initial postpartum period.  In most childbirth prep classes, the focus is mainly on the "birth" day and not a lot of attention is given to what happens after you take your baby home.  In this class we address how to successfully make that transition.  Your life will never be the same (and that is great), but it does involve a lot of changes that you may not have considered.  Additionally, I provide postpartum support to my parents.

Here's what one of my Bradley moms had to say recently, after starting the class:

"Just wanted to say a quick thank you to you, Wendy, for last night's class (class 4). Originally I kinda had to convince "J" that we should take it, but today he texted me this: 'Thanks for initiating us taking this Bradley method class. Last night was sort of a 'light bulb' moment for me seeing the difference between induced babies and the naturally birthed ones. It all made me feel like this way is going to be worth it.'  We really appreciate all the time and advice that you're able to give us...So, thanks so much already for helping us get a grasp on what all is involved throughout the birthing process and for helping us not feel overwhelmed. I know we're going to be able to be in control, and that already gives me so much peace going into it." DJ

Call or e-mail for a detailed information package.  I would love to talk to you more about The Bradley Method® and how I can help you have a truly Happy Birth-Day! 

Scheduled classes don't work for you?  Please contact me.  We may be able to figure out something that will work for you.

References available upon request.

WILSON, WENDY AAHCC<br />Affiliated Instructor
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