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"We have a secret in our culture
and it's not that birth is painful. 
It's that women are strong."
                                                                         -Laura Stavoe Harm

Greetings and congratulations pregnant mamas and partners!  My name is Amy Brooks Murphy and I have been teaching Bradley Method classes in Des Moines since 2003.  I became a childbirth educator because I have experienced first hand that our bodies were designed to give birth vaginally, spontaneously and naturally.  I have four outstanding children.  Mae was born naturally with a midwife and so was my second daughter Stella.  My son Brooks was born five weeks early by cesarean section.  I know that if I would not of had a c-section then I wouldn't have my healthy son.  Our goal is always healthy baby and healthy mama!  As an educator I can say with certainty that a vaginal, natural, spontaneous birth is far less painful than having major abdominal surgery.  With my fourth baby Tula, I was able to successfully VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean).  Now my resume (and family) is complete!

My passion for birth and babies is relentless.  I enjoy researching and gathering any information I can get my hands on.  Every time I start a class I am excited about the wonderful people I will get to spend my Monday and Tuesday nights and Saturday mornings with.  I feel so fortunate that I am involved in one of their most sacred experiences.
"If you don't know your options,
you don't have any."

I have educated hundreds of women and their partners to not only know their options, but actively participate and take responsibility for the birth of their baby.  Excellent nutrition (100 grams of protein a day), avoidance of drugs (no drug has been proven safe for the unborn baby), natural abdominal breathing, relaxation, immediate and continuous contact with your baby, and being prepared for unexpected situations are some of what the goals for this class. It's a fun, nonjudgemental environment and you get to hang out with other like minded pregnant people. We got this!

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Due to Covid-19, please email me about if/when classes are being held. 

Thank you and stay safe and healthy!

“Amy is a very gifted, passionate childbirth educator. When my clients participate in her classes they approach their labors and births with confidence. They are knowledgeable, trusting in their bodies and open to their individual birth experiences.  I highly recommend her class.”            

-Dana Ericson, Certified Nurse Midwife

"Amy has a true love and passion for guiding couples through the birth process.  Her class will help to provide a strong framework for couples to prepare for the most important event in their lives.  It is essential to prepare carefully if your are hoping for a natural birth.   I highly recommend Amy's class."

                                                 -Susan Hernandez, Certified Nurse Midwife

“These classes were great! Amy Brooks Murphy is a caring, knowledgeable, and gifted teacher! My husband and I learned so much invaluable information for before, during, and after the birth of our baby girl! The resources you pick up from the class really help you to customize your birth, no matter where the location–home, birth center, or hospital! We highly recommend this series of classes!” -Chrissy and Mike

“Amy’s class was a wonderful way for my husband and I to prepare for the birth of our son. We had read a lot of books and watched videos, but attending class with Amy answered all of our questions and helped us get to know other people who wanted similar childbirth experiences. The best thing about the class is that it provided information we didn’t even know we needed. We left the class feeling very informed and prepared to make decisions on our son’s behalf. We highly recommend this class! Amy is also a natural teacher who is incredibly informed. She has run the gamut of childbirth experiences herself and shares her knowledge in her own gentle style. If you hope to have a natural childbirth experience, taking this class is a great way to prepare yourself!” -Danielle and Tom

"We loved our birth experience with Amy Brooks Murphy.  After taking the class we felt prepared and ready for the whole birthing process.  We appreciated the holistic approach and the information that it provided us with.  Amy is genuine, caring and passionate about this topic and it makes the class that much better.  She is a knowledgeable instructor who presents both sides of the information, is available and very willing to help or answer any questions.  We felt cared for by her not just as students, but people.  Even right before labor, during and after, she was available to answer questions and encourage us.  We highly recommend taking this class from Amy Brooks Murphy! - Amy and Jared

"This class was an incredible experience that we would highly recommend.  The strength and knowledge that both of us gained from this class provided the essential foundation for us to have a natural birth.  Knowledge is power and this class provided a safe, confidential environment for learning, asking questions, and participating in conversations and activities that helped us through our childbirth.  We personally thank Amy for sharing her knowledge and experiences with us." -Laura and Tanner

"The power and intensity of your contractions
cannot be stronger than you,
because it is you."

Please email
me with any questions or for more information. I look forward to hearing from you!
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