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Here are a few things that some of my students have to say:

There is something absolutely intriguing, comforting, and energizing about speaking with Pauline Scharf on the phone for the first time. In my search for birthing classes Pauline was one of about 10 teachers that I called. Without knowing me, she was ecstatic for my pregnancy and had the most energetically kind voice. At that moment, I knew she was the teacher for my husband and I. I couldn’t wait to meet her in person. We read the testimonials on her page regarding her additional work as a Doula and realized that she was a treasure. Indeed she was. She became both our Bradley Method natural childbirth teacher and our Doula at the birth. She was a God-send, and this is why:  When we signed up to take the Bradley classes we had no idea that at the end of 9 months I would be laboring for 34 hours with contractions beginning 4 minutes apart. Had it not been for all the wisdom we received from Pauline’s Bradley classes, I do not know how I would have made it through such a long and intense labor. It took everything we had, every technique we learned, and every reassuring word of Pauline’s to do it naturally without Pitocin, Epidural or anything else for that matter. Pauline was Michael’s coach, Michael was my coach, and my mom was supportive through it all, and I was learning a new strength. The Bradley Method made all the difference in the world for us as first time parents. Classes with Pauline were a blast. She is by far THE happiest energetic person Michael and I have EVER met. This was an incredible asset to her class -- one that brought everyone in our class great joy and so much laughter. We loved our time together and always left in a great mood, full of new insight and increased confidence in giving birth naturally.  Pauline and Michael teamed together to relieve my pain -- Michael pressing on my back while Pauline propped me up in front. She asked me “how was that contraction?” I responded “Painful”. She wisely replied “You mean, ‘uncomfortable and challenging’?” I caught her drift regarding changing my mentality about pain – and so I did. From that moment on during every single contraction for the remaining 20 hours of labor I thought to myself “This is uncomfortable, but I can do it. This is challenging but I can do it. To disarm the pain breathe low.” Oh my word! Her challenge to change the way I viewed the pain made such a HUGE difference in my pain tolerance. THAT is what I call a wise relaxation technique of the mind.  It was an successful 34 hour marathon that we able to accomplish without pain medication because we had received the right tools from the Bradley Method and had an incredible Doula. Pauline coached us through it all and stayed by our side every step of the way. My husband writes: “Doula means ‘Servant’. Pauline was the most amazing Servant to my wife during her incredibly tough labor. She was a God-send. We love you Pauline, and so does our beautiful little daughter who will always have the most amazing story to her birth, thanks to the servant heart of Pauline.” We are so grateful and highly recommend her to every mommy and daddy!

Melissa, Michael and baby Abigail
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"My husband and I became first time parents this year and after doing much research on the options out there we decided upon following the Bradley Method for our pregnancy and delivery.  We were thrilled to find a certified instructor, Pauline, operating a class nearby and attended her weekly classes.  She was an amazing teacher who is both engaging and encouraging.  Being a first time mom, I was a bit anxious about the entire experience, but Pauline was incredibly comforting and able to provide knowledgeable and helpful answers to my many questions.  In addition to the classes we also had Pauline as our doula for the delivery of our baby girl.  Pauline was such a great presence in the delivery room.  Not only did she support me through each and every hour and contraction, but she was also there for my husband with so many tips and pieces of advice to make the labor and delivery process much smoother for the both of us.  Even after the delivery while recovering, I could hear the nurses in the hallway talking, "Did you see the assistant coach in room 21?  She was so amazing!!"  Yes that's right, they were talking about MY doula, Pauline!!  To this day both my husband and I say that we couldn't have done it without her and plan on having her with us to any and all of our future pregnancies and deliveries.  We were successful in achieving our goal of an unmedicated, natural childbirth and we will forever be grateful for Pauline and the help she provided in the natural birth of our daughter."
Nishi,  Dustin Freer and Doetzyn

After being completely unprepared for my first labor, my husband and I decided to take a Bradley class. Pauline's Bradley training is caring, thorough, fun (which is important when you are talking about labor!), and provides everything a mommy needs to prepare for labor.  I felt so much more confident going into my second labor! I was given many strategies for dealing with contractions and the knowledge to advocate for myself while having a hospital birth. My husband and I ended up loving Pauline so much that we asked her to be our doula. She was so instrumental in helping us persevere so that I could have the unmedicated birth I desired! My husband loved her calm support and the suggestions she gave him while he coached me though my contractions. I never thought I would be able to give birth without an epidural, but Bradley and Pauline helped me do it. I have recommended her to many other women and will continue to do so! 
Eva-Karin and Gary Cheng

Thankfully I found Pauline, and had an incredibly healthy pregnancy. 
During my 8th month, I practiced The Bradley Method
® when I had to have major dental work without anesthesia. I was amazed at how relaxed and peaceful I pressed through the dental visit. Thanks to Pauline's coaching, my 2nd delivery included intense active labor for countless hours, but I had the energy to deal with the contractions and peace of mind to press through.  By the time I had my 3rd baby, Bradley was routine and I was confident during labor and delivery. 
Our surprise baby (#4) came 7 years later, and I went back to Pauline for a refresher. 
Well, you'd think being my 4th baby, it would have been my easiest. Not. 
Thankfully Pauline showed up to the hospital. She held my hand, encouraged my husband, and offered many of her special techniques in order to successfully avoid a c-section.
When our baby was born we were so thankful to have had Pauline in the room, since the doctor was late. We know we couldn't have done it without her.
 I'm done having babies. But I still have to go to the dentist, and I use her methods each and every time. I also use the same calming techniques with my children when they get hurt. 
Thanks to Pauline I approach pain with a calm confidence and hope.
As I tell my kids, it will hurt less. And it's true.
Kelley Flores

Taking the Bradley classes with Pauline was the best thing I did to prepare for my son's birth!!! If I had the chance to do it all over again, I would have signed up earlier in my pregnancy. Pauline is incredibly knowledgeable, and taught us about everything from what to expect in pregnancy, to giving birth both at home with a midwife, or at the hospital  with a doctor, and even how to care for the baby after birth. She provided us with all types of information that enabled us to make choices about the type of birth we wanted. Giving birth to my son was an amazing, and joyous event because we were prepared and knew just what to expect. To this day I still find myself saying, "Pauline, said it would be like this". Having Pauline there to support me through a non-medicated birth was invaluable. She has even made herself available to assist me with breastfeeding questions, and so on. My son is now 3 1/2 months old and thriving. Thank you Pauline. 
Jessica, Nathan, and baby Phoenix :)

I always tell people that even if we hadn't chosen to go the natural route your class was invaluable because it provided us with so much information about childbirth and the stages of labor.  In addition we felt empowered to make decisions based on what was good for the baby and us by using the knowledge we gained instead of blindly following the "status quo," which unfortunately nowadays seems to lead to more c-sections and complications that it ought to.  There are 3 moms I know personally who just had their 3rd or 4th baby (2 of them were repeat c-sections and 1 was induced), all 3 of which had somewhat serious complications post-birth and I can't help but wonder if they were a result of unnecessary medical intervention.  We also appreciated your presence at the hospital for Jackson's birth and your wonderful coaching to us as first time parents.

So, from the bottom of our hearts Tom and I thank you for guiding us through the childbirth process and teaching us how to do what was right for each of our 4 baby's "birth-days."


Donna (and Tom) Agrelius

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