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My two birth stories are very different from each other. 

My first birth, I did not know about the Bradley Method®. My mother gave birth four times in Vietnam without drugs and I thought I would be able to do the same. Because she said she did it, I thought naturally I would be able to and did not consider learning about different birthing methods. However, unable to cope with the pain, I began to hold my breath and tense up. This ultimately caused my labor to stop and I was given Pitocin and the cycle continued. I eventually was given an epidural and my son was born by vacuum extraction. 

His birth was extremely traumatic, he was exhausted, and he did not want to nurse immediately. He was given a bottle in the hospital nursery and when they brought him back he had a pacifier in his mouth. My breastfeeding relationship with him was rocky at best.

My daughter on the other hand has a completely different birth story.  I had a short, six hour labor. The labor went so quickly, I was pushing in the car! I firmly believe learning all the physical exercises, practicing relaxing, and knowing the best birthing positions sped up the birth and caused me to give birth with ease. I was calm and happy after giving birth. By the time the doctor arrived I had already breastfed and my daughter was sleeping peacefully. He was amazed and commented on how we as a family appeared stoic.  

My breastfeeding relationship with my daughter has been a wonderful bonding relationship. I breastfed her until she was 17 months when she became more interested in trying new foods. I truly believe that learning about the Bradley Method® changed my life for the better. Everything about the second birth and life after with my daughter was better and I do not know anybody (outside of the Bradley Method®) that can describe their labor as easy and calm. I also noticed a big difference in how I felt after giving birth and my husband noticed a big difference in my attitude. After the first birth, I felt miserable. After the second birth I never felt this way. Because of the vast differences in my birth experiences, I feel the need to tell every women. What better way than by becoming a Bradley instructor.

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