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Burch Birth Story

A Birth Story from The Bradley Method®

Burch Birth When I was pregnant with my first son, my mother told me that I should skip the epidural. She made natural childbirth sound normal, uncomplicated and practical. My midwife told me about The Bradley Method® and those 12 weeks changed my life. With my husband by my side, I gave birth to our 10.5 lb baby without medication. But the hospital experience left me feeling powerless and I wanted to feel powerful in birth! For my second birth I chose a birth center and instantly I felt that my midwives understood how normal birth could be. With my husband behind me, I birthed our 11.5 lb son sitting on a stool. It was a classic Bradley Method birth: immediate skin to skin snuggles, orange juice to celebrate and we were home in time for dinner!

I fell in love with birth that day and I knew that I wanted to help other families feel that love. Five years ago I stepped outside my comfort zone and into a career as a Bradley Method teacher and doula. Since then I have had the honor of helping more than 100 couples prepare for the marathon of labor. Teaching childbirth education on my living room floor is a highlight of my week. I love getting to know these amazing people who wander into my life 3 months at a time. Students of The Bradley Method® are driven, loving and enthusiastic. I could not be happier or more proud to be a Bradley Method teacher.