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Dorothy Waldron, AAHCC Bradley™ Instructor

Dorothy Waldron Bradley Method Instructor

I am Dorothy Waldron, mother of seven children - all born naturally, including my twins!

When I found out I was expecting my first child I was thrilled yet frightened because the thought of giving birth scared me since I don't like pain. I thought whatever drugs were available I wanted them all so I didn't have to experience any pain! I soon learned that many of these drugs were harmful and could cause a lifetime of problems not only for me but my baby and I knew I had to find a better way.

My first two births were at the hospital with a doctor. We took standard hospital classes, however, looking back I do not feel they prepared me to avoid unnecessary pain or inform me of all of my options. When I went to the hospital I was put into bed and had a monitor strapped on me and was not allowed to get out of bed classes . I was not informed in nor could I have anything to or eat or drink. I was given an episiotomy without being asked and had a long painful recovery. I was "allowed" to hold her for few minutes she was taken away from me to do exam her and brought back to me 6 hours later. She was given bottles and pacifiers against my wishes which interfered with breastfeeding. What should have been a joyous experience left me in pain, exhausted and unprepared to care for a baby.

After talking to a friend that had experienced birth with a midwife I was amazed as she told me she did not have an episiotomy with her three births and had no pain so I did some research and decided to have my third child with a midwife at a birth center. I took classes offered at the center and gained a lot of valuable information. There was no Bradley Teacher in our area but my midwife told me that "The Bradley Method®" classes were in her opinion the best classes offered and if I ever had the opportunity to take them. She also said I should consider becoming an instructor!

The birth of my daughter at the center was beautiful and peaceful I felt so relaxed and comfortable as I had built a trusting relationship with my midwife and assistant. I was encouraged to walk and drink water and have a light snack to keep my energy up. My baby was never taken from me and all the new born procedures were done with her in the bed next to me.

We moved and were excited to discover we were expecting again but discovered the city we moved to had one of the highest cesarean rates in the nation. After exploring all our options we decided to have a homebirth with a midwife. Having a homebirth means being more active and responsible and we felt it was very important to learn all we could and took classes from our new midwife again learning more. Our first son Aaron was born on a sunny Saturday morning. I felt so comfortable and peaceful in my own home and went about my normal activities which was a great distraction from my contractions. My husband helped catch our son and my daughters acted as my doula giving me sips of water and wiping my forehead with a cool cloth! I had never considered having my children at the birth but The Bradley Method® prepared us for this option. They were so involved when our friend came to take them they did not want to leave so they stayed and watched their brother enter the world and then went to play at their friends house! I was so relaxed it was hard to realize my baby would arrive soon! Maybe too relaxed as we should of called the midwife early but fortunately she made it just in time! (Had I had the opportunity to take The Bradley Method® Classes we would have known when to call the midwife!)

Shortly after the birth of our four child we discovered that we had a new Bradley Method instructor in our area! My husband and I joined the class even though we were not expecting!

We took The Bradley classes again with our 5th pregnancy and loved the class which prepared me for something I had not experienced before: a posterior birth my daughter was born "sunny side up" which caused extreme and intense back labor. My daughter was born at home so I was able to move around and work with my body. I was so grateful for the labor rehearsals and relaxation in my Bradley classes that I had not learned in other classes as I was well prepared and had learned the tools I need to prepare me for this difficult labor.

My last pregnancy was a pleasant surprise as we discovered we were having twins!!!

I was now in my late 30's therefore the medical community would consider me to be "high risk" yet I had never felt better in my life! I loved my previous births at the birthing center and at home. I wasn't sure where to have my babies. There are many concerns when there is more then one baby. After careful research and weighing out our options we discovered that women in area were only "allowed to go to 36 weeks" and often taken even earlier. This was a great concern to me as babies need to have the time to grow and develop especially twins. For this reason we decided to have our twins at home. We had two midwives both having over 25 years of experience. We were so thankful for our Bradley class that informed us of all of our options and how to have a back up plan should complications arise and a back up plan should complications arise.

I woke up at about 4:30 a.m. on Mother's Day morning with contractions close together. My husband and I took a few long walks together and called the midwife around 11:00 a.m. Our son Alan made his entrance into the world weighing 1:30 pm. He weighted 6 lbs. We enjoyed time bonding with him and then took a nap. I woke up and sat on the birth ball and breastfeed Alan for a while which got me contractions going again and after only a few contractions twin brother Andrew finally made his debut at 4:15 p.m. weighing 7 lbs!! ble I had no tearing and no pain! A few hours later I was able to sit at the table and enjoy my Mother's Day Dinner! It was truly the best Mothers Day ever!

I feel that the nutrition I learned in The Bradley Method® Classes helped me to stay low risk throughout my twin pregnancy and I able to carry my babies for 41 1/2 weeks!

Our training from taking The Bradley Method® went far and beyond any other classes combined that we felt we needed to share our knowledge with others! We have taught The Bradley Method® a now for 18 years and loved sharing with others! Many come to us with many fears and concerns but each week they grow and become more confident and by the end of the classes they feel empowered and feel prepared for their birth as well as parenthood!

Bradley Classes are for EVERYONE! We have husbands, boyfriends, partners, grandma that have attended with mom. Some mom's attend class alone. Everyone is welcome in our classes! You may be surprised to have parents to be in class some having a hospital birth, homebirth or a birthing center. The Bradley Classes are taught in a way that all will greatly benefit all of the students no matter where you are having your baby!

Each week we see more growth in our students and they become more excited and confident. it is so rewarding to be a part of this journey with them as they grow from a couple to a family!