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"There is a secret in our culture, it's not that birth is painful, it's that women are strong"

Testimonials from past students

Ariana is AMAZING!!!  She’s super knowledgeable when it comes to all things related to pregnancy, labor, and birth!  As a first time mom, that’s exactly what I needed!  There were sooo many questions I had about everything and she provided me with great information and sources to learn even more.  She eased so many of my anxieties leading up to delivery!  By the end of the classes, my husband and I both felt confident and excited for my birth giving day! My birth turned out differently than I planned and it was still amazing in large part to Ariana- my husband was reading a meditation that she provided me and our doctor commented that it was one of the most peaceful deliveries that she had been a part of.  If you’re looking for a Bradley class or really any birthing class, I highly recommend Ariana!  You won’t regret it!  

My husband and I took Ariana's Bradley class in the spring of 2016 to prepare for the birth of our first child. We both loved the class so much. I wanted to learn as much as possible about labor because it made me much less anxious so Bradley was definitely the right class for us. This is the best class you can take to really understand and prepare for the labor process. My husband also got a lot out of the class and it was great to read the course book together to understand everything that would happen. The relaxation/pain relief techniques were really helpful! Ariana was so flexible and helpful with scheduling. I thought it would be hard to make it to class after a long day but once we were there we felt so relaxed. Ariana has a great calming presence about her and we felt at home during the classes. I can't recommend Arinna or this class enough. It helped me to feel as relaxed as possible during my labor. It helped my husband to know how to best assist me during the whole laboring process. 

I also loved how we learned a bit about breastfeeding because this info also prepared me for those hard first few weeks. -Catherine 


I'm always recommending Ariana to my pregnant friends for the bradley method classes. My midwife told me that a birthing class is required to do a homebirth and I didn't understand why at first. I thought I knew enough. I've called a few different bradley method teachers however none of them were as sweet and helpful as Ariana. Right from that one phone call I knew I wanted her for my instructor. She worked with me with my schedule because I scheduled so last minute but she worked with that and made it so that I get all the info I need in the amount of time I had left till the baby was almost due. She sets the atmosphere so peaceful and relaxed. I was always looking forward to the classes. After the class I've learned so much and I didn't even realize how much there was to even know about giving birth. It actually even made me excited to give birth. When I was in labor I was able to understand what stage I was in and what to expect and it truly did help a lot. I now understand why the midwives made it seem so important. I highly recommend Ariana. She's so sweet and helpful and even after the classes she was always there to help me with any questions I had. She's awesome. A good genuine person who truly cares.  -Gina

Thanks to Ariana's class and The Bradley Method course, my husband and I were able to have important discussions about our goals and wishes before I went into labor.  As new parents, there were so many things that we had never considered and the classes helped us prepare for everything.  We were so thrilled that I was able to deliver naturally and my husband was a wonderful coach!  We would recommend this class to all new parents and to anyone who is considering a natural childbirth. -Lindsay

Even as a healthcare professional, Ariana opened my eyes to the world of childbirth that I wasn’t familiar with. Through her Bradley course, inspiration, and evidence, I made the decision to use a midwifery practice for my hospital birth. Things could not have gone more smoothly! I labored wonderfully at home, and home a unmedicated, natural birth in the hospital. It was a truly wonderful and beautiful experience that I would not have been prepared for without Ariana and the Bradley course. -Marissa

Ariana was a great Bradley instructor. She was very accommodating with our schedule when it came to arranging the classes and she provided a relaxing and supportive environment for each class. She really prepared us for the birth of our first baby and calmed my fears. While in the hospital I called her a few times and she provided me with support, words of encouragement and advice to help me through my labor. She was really there for us through the whole process and I am so glad I decided to take the class with her. -Lisa

I could not be more thankful to Ariana for the information and support she provided throughout the duration of our Bradley Method sessions and after. Taking her classes helped my husband and I immensely in the delivery room. We went into the hospital feeling prepared and confident in the decisions that we had made and even though our birth plan had to be changed due to unforeseen circumstances I still felt that I had the knowledge and information to make the right decisions for my baby and myself. Ariana helps you to understand what is happening with your baby and your body and gives you the tools to feel confident and advocate for yourself in a system where a lot of women are made to be fearful of childbirth. I would recommend any expectant mother to consider these classes. -Caitlin 

My husband and I just recently had our first baby and we could not imagine going through this experience for the first time without the preparation from Ariana's Bradley classes.  We both felt completely confident about our daughter's arrival because Ariana prepared us for every scenario that could (and did) come our way. We loved and trusted Ariana so much that we actually used her as our Doula as well.  I can truly say that I'm not sure if I would have been successful with a natural, unmedicated birth without Ariana present.  She was there for us throughout the entire 47 hours of labor and my husband and I owe everything to her for allowing us to have the birth experience that we always wanted.  I plan to use Ariana again when we have our next child because I can not imagine going through the process without her support!  I can not recommend her enough!! -Rebecca

Childbirth was always that word that scared me. My husband and I decided we would take Bradley classes to become more familiar with the process as we believed that the first step was knowing what to expect. We decided against LaMaze classes because my husband wanted to be more involved. We were extremely happy with our decision and blessed to have Ariana as our instructor. She was very knowledgeable and prepared us very well for all that was in store on that day. We both felt very confident heading into to the hospital that together we would be proceed with our birth plan and have a natural childbirth without any meds or in the alternative make any necessary decisions should the need arise. We were prepared for everything. Ariana was always available for any questions or concerns even after our classes had ended which we really liked. We would highly recommend Ariana to anyone looking to take these classes. -Allison

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