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Like many women in our culture, I always assumed I would have an epidural or some other type of pain medication during childbirth. It never occurred to me that there was another way to give birth that was actually better for mom and baby. Luckily, a good friend introduced me to the Bradley Method® while I was pregnant, and I am forever grateful! The more my husband and I learned about the natural process of birth and the complications that often arise with medical intervention, the more we became committed to an unmedicated, natural birth. The education, training and preparation we received in our Bradley classes taught us how to work together with our birth team to achieve the birth we wanted. We also had the knowledge and confidence we needed to make informed decisions about what was best for me, our baby and the birth.  Our first son was born in 2008 and our second in 2011.  Both boys were born in the hospital without medication or medical intervention thanks to the training, support and preparation we received from the Bradley Method® and our supportive birth team.  Our experience with the Bradley Method® has been life changing and ultimately gave me the confidence and trust to give birth at home.  In August of 2012, we welcomed our third Bradley baby, a little girl, who was born in the water in the privacy and comfort of our home. The knowledge and skills learned through the Bradley Method® were once again used in March of 2019, when I gave birth for the fourth time, but this time as a gestational surrogate for friends of ours. 


After our second child was born, I knew that I wanted to become an instructor and help other couples learn that there is a way to give birth that doesn’t involve feeling out of control, unbearable pain, being numb or groggy from the effects of medication or major abdominal surgery. Rather, there is a method that promotes and encourages the involvement of a committed and loving partner while supporting and advocating a woman’s natural ability to safely and effectively give birth.  I believe that if couples have accurate information about the choices available to them and a supportive birth team, they will be able to make well informed decisions for their family and look back on their birth with joy.  


I would be honored to help guide you and your partner in your journey towards parenthood and achieving the best birth-day possible!

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