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I'm Dorin and I've been a Bradley Method Instructor and Birth Doula for 19 years. I've worked with over 600 birthing families over the years and I enjoy every minute! My own interest in birth began when I had my daughter 24 years ago. Since then, I haven't stopped learning!

Personal Birth Experience:

My three birth experiences were quite different. My first birth in 1997 was a highly interventive hospital birth that included IV, pitocin, narcotics, epidural, continuous monitoring, episiotomy, and breastfeeding challenges. I had taken hospital based classes and realized all too late that I was totally unprepared for the challenges of birth. Unmedicated birth was an important goal for me the second time around so I signed up to take Bradley Method classes as soon as I found out I was pregnant. Having taken the classes made all the difference! My second birth was in 2000 and while it was a difficult labor, I was able to give birth at home, in the water with a skilled midwife. My third birth was in 2004 and while we had planned a homebirth, at some point in my labor we decided to transfer to the hospital. I had an unmedicated vaginal hospital birth with my third!

Birth Philosophy:

My personal birth philosophy is that all educated choices should be supported. Each family is unique and while I teach classes that emphasize natural childbirth, I realize that all interventions in childbirth have their place and I fully support each family’s decision to make the choices they feel are right for them.

Doula Experience:

I've attended over two hundred births as a doula in a variety of settings including hospital, birth center and home. I have experience with unmedicated vaginal births, medicated births with epidural or narcotics, VBACs, scheduled cesareans, unplanned cesareans, induced labors, hospital transports, multiples, and many other childbirth variables. 

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