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When my younger brother and his wife were deciding what childbirth classes to take, of course I recommended The Bradley Method® of Natural Childbirth.  They found a wonderful teacher locally, but while we talked on the phone one day, my brother told me "You should just teach this!"  I realized that I have been advocating natural childbirth ever since my first daughter met us 20 years ago!  All three of my children were born using the information I gleaned about nutrition, exercise, relaxation, etc., from The Bradley Method® of Natural Childbirth.  I love to encourage women that you are capable of handling the complex childbirth process with education and support.  My husband and I teach together and would consider it our privilege to share a class with you.

In addition to families who prefer natural childbirth, families who consider using medication also take my classes.  My class prepares couples to stay healthy and low-risk, have positive communication with their birth team, and make informed decisions together.  No matter the outcome, my students have my full support!

Comments from students:

"Taking classes with Elizabeth was a JOY! I felt very prepared for the unmedicated natural delivery of my daughter. In her course, Elizabeth provides a wealth of information in a very accessible and interesting way. I am so happy my husband and I were lucky enough to spend 12 weeks preparing for our daughter's birth with Elizabeth's guidance.

"I highly recommend anyone that would like to have a natural birth do some preparation beforehand and if you are lucky enough take a course with Elizabeth." -- Avneet

"I've never been a part of such an intensely beautiful experience.  Your time truly helped us, especially me.  I felt confident during an unfamiliar experience.  I was able to provide support to my wife when she needed me. I not only witnessed but was a physical part of my child's birth.  Thank you both." -- Mike

"Thank you Elizabeth and Richard! We learned so much in your class and it made a huge difference in our delivery. We felt educated and empowered and best of all delivered a beautiful, healthy baby girl!" -- Kelley

"Words still can't describe how grateful Ryan and I are to you and Richard for being such wonderful teachers. Even though we had an overall medicated experience that we didn't set out to have, we were able to make it through the whole labor and delivery much better because of what we learned in your class. Ryan talked me through a whole day of extremely strong contractions without any pain medication and then through a whole additional day of worry, stress, and additional strain on my body from lots of interventions because of what we learned from you all. Everyone who came into our room commented on how good we were at relaxing into everything that kept being thrown at us and at how relaxed I was through the pain, which was so comforting and reassuring.  I'm just overwhelmed by how grateful I am for everything you all taught us." -- Heidi

"We loved our Bradley classes with Elizabeth and Richard! I miss them...! Not only did we learn a lot about birth and about handling labor, but they also helped us talk through concerns we were having and plan how to positively communicate with our birth team." -- Hannah

"Thank you for sharing your wisdom with us in the Bradley Method® course.  We feel very blessed that we had such dedicated teachers.  We gained so much confidence and empowerment to enjoy the birth but also through pregnancy."
Lana & Mike

"Thank you both for the great class we had during the past 12 weeks. When we started the course, we did not know anything about a childbirth process and by the time it came for me to give birth to Angelika, we were educated and empowered to make the right decisions." -- Julia

"We really enjoyed our experience learning about the birth process with Elizabeth and Richard. Elizabeth is very patient and thoughtfully answered any and all questions that we had! We felt very prepared for the birth of our son, and were able to make decisions that we felt comfortable with when things went differently than we expected. I highly recommend classes with Elizabeth for anyone who is expecting and wants to be empowered to have a positive birthing experience." -- Adrienne

"Elizabeth Taber and her husband Richard are a truly compassionate, knowledgeable, power-duo whom my husband and I had the great pleasure of learning from in their popular Bradley Method class. What makes them standout teachers is that they are passionate about being a contribution to others as a way of life and being, and so their classes are always centered around a fundamental empowerment of their students, the parents-to-be. We were very lucky to have had their guidance during my second and third trimesters. Thanks to their expertise on natural childbirth and thorough and patient guidance, my husband and I were able to go into our very first childbirth experience with no anxiety and genuine confidence. We felt and were prepared, and for that very empowering feeling, I will forever be grateful.

"Our marriage benefited from it as well -- thanks to their thorough classes, my husband was a phenomenal birth coach during my very long labor and delivery, and I was able to witness an already-supportive husband turn into a dynamic superhero. A testament to the effectiveness of their classes is that my husband and I were unperturbed by sudden changes in our 'birth plan.' Although my husband and I had planned for a homebirth, I had to have a hospital transfer after a long prodromal labor where we labored at home for over 48 hours and my water had broke for the last 24 hours of it; and yet, I felt in control and unafraid every second of the way thanks to all that I had learned in our Bradley Method class and thanks to the stellar support, protection, and coaching I received from my newly-Bradley-graduated husband.

"When it came time for delivery, the whole process was rhythmical and dare I say, even fun. All the pushing exercises and simulations had paid off. Pushing my daughter out into this world was indeed a thrilling privilege, and my husband and I still high-five each other about that incredible experience. I would like all parents-to-be to take the Bradley Method course with Elizabeth and Richard so that they, too, can experience a truly empowering childbirth." -- Kumiko

"We want to thank you for enlightening us and guiding us through this journey.  Your kind words and knowledge have helped us put our minds at ease.  We feel comfortable with our decision to birth without fear.  There is only love and power between us as a couple, and that is a direct result of getting to know you both over the last 12 weeks." -- Alecia & Josh

"Thank you so much for sharing all your wisdom on preparation before and during childbirth.  We learned so much in this class and feel empowered to work for the birth we want." -- Marcella & James

"My husband and I feel so fortunate that we found and took Elizabeth and Richard's class. Both are very kind, welcoming people -- they made time for make-up classes because we started the class late and were always willing to stay late to answer students' questions. The class is simply the best education and preparation for new parents -- it not only covers terminology and helps walk through different medical scenarios, but offers very useful information on related topics, like prenatal nutrition, exercise and breastfeeding.

"Elizabeth and Richard are great at teaching couples how to work as a team (they are an incredible team and really a delight to watch) and preparing coaches to take the lead at the hospital, which is invaluable if you want to avoid an epidural or c-section. We were so impressed with their knowledge, demeanor and willingness to help. We had a very positive experience giving birth to our son without an epidural, which would not have been possible without this class or their help. While we had both read the husband-coached childbirth book before attending the class, we think the class is essential. It gave us time each week to think about and mentally prepare for labor, which was so helpful. We can't recommend this class strongly enough!" -- Kathy

"I highly recommend this class to any parents looking for more childbirth preparation than their doctors are providing them. The first few months of our first pregnancy we were very underwhelmed & frustrated by the minimal information we were receiving from our doctors. Elizabeth and Richard provided us with more information, labor practice, and preparation for the entire experience than we ever could have hoped for. You'll realize at the first class that it is a true commitment, but you'll also quickly see how valuable that commitment is to your pregnancy, marriage, and child.

"I went from feeling helplessly dependent on our healthcare providers, to feeling relaxed and prepared for whatever labor would throw at us. It turned out to be pretty long and rough, but we had the tools and the confidence to make the right decisions thanks to this class and the dedication of Elizabeth and Richard to their students and the Bradley Method. If possible, I'd recommend taking the session earlier in your pregnancy and making use of their offer to repeat any classes closer to your due date if you'd like."  -- Elizabeth

"Phenomenal natural childbirth classes!  My husband and I benefited immensely from Elizabeth and Richard's expertise.  They equipped us with every tool necessary for the best possible childbirth experience:  from relaxation exercises and strength training to prepare Mom and Dad for the physical demands of birth to excellent nutrition guidelines to keep Mom and Baby healthy through the postpartum, breastfeeding period.  Classes are an opportunity to get well informed as well as deepen your bond with your spouse.  Elizabeth and Richard's shared knowledge, training, and support enabled my husband and me to choose the healthcare provider whose philosophy aligned with our birth plan and to achieve the natural home birth we hoped for.  We were prepared for every possible outcome and were made familiar with what to expect so that the different phases of labor did not take us by surprise but, rather, affirmed what we were taught.  Their help extended beyond the classroom, and Elizabeth and Richard were available to assist us through labor and the postpartum period.  We are extremely grateful for the invaluable knowledge they imparted and for the gift of our healthy, happy baby boy!" -- Jennifer

"We had the privilege and honor of learning from Elizabeth and Richard in preparation for the birth of our daughter. We cannot recommend their classes highly enough. Our situation included a very busy schedule and constant last minute cancellations due to us both being working parents. They took this in stride and arranged private lessons for us to take their class at a very, very reasonable rate. The classes were so encouraging and life giving - a true respite during a new, and at times stressful, season of life. Whether you are certain you would like to do all the Bradley methodologies or are exploring a variety of different strategies and plans, these childbirth classes are conducted in an accepting, encouraging manner, and we felt as prepared and educated as possible going into a huge life event. Further, the classes truly made us feel like a team and brought us closer together."  -- Robert 

"Thank you so much for all of the knowledge, advice, and experience you shared with us in the class over the summer.  It definitely helped prepare me for the experience and gave me confidence to know that an unmedicated delivery is possible and not something to be fearful or doubtful about.  In those last weeks, up until hours before the delivery I had so many people try to convince me to just do the epidural (including the nursing staff at the hospital!).  So I can see how easy it is to give in to the "peer pressure" and fear tactics.  To believe that an unmedicated birth just isn't worth the pain.  Although it was pretty grueling, I'm so glad I was able to experience all of the highs and lows of the birthing experience.  It's amazing what the female body can do!" -- Kamila

We are so grateful to you for your teaching, hospitality, and support.  Thanks to you, we were able to educate ourselves, know what to expect and what our options would be, advocate for ourselves and our baby.  Knowledge really is power, and we very much enjoyed taking your Bradley Method childbirth class.  We had a great birth experience and are truly grateful for your guidance. 
-- Joanna & Nico 

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