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My classes currently meet live online due to COVD-19 and to protect each pregnant family. Thank you for understanding and doing your part! You can find more information at Natural Beginnings
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Congratulations on your pregnancy! For your upcoming birth...

Stack the Cards in Your Favor: You are preparing physically, mentally and emotionally over 12 weeks to have the healthiest and safest birth. Being informed and being able to make decisions that are right for your family are paramount to having a positive and healthy start for your family. 

Build Confidence: By knowing the facts about pregnancy, labor and birth the mother and her partner can feel fully confident in her ability to give birth and trust in the natural process. By having basic breastfeeding knowledge and understanding normal newborn behavior, families can set themselves up for breastfeeding success and a smoother transition to new family life. 

Give Baby a Healthy Start: Birth matters. The type of birth your baby has affects his/her health and well-being for a life-time. Having a birth with no or minimal interventions/medications helps your baby to have the best start possible. When interventions or a cesarean is necessary, knowing what to advocate for to help your baby get the best possible start and a smooth transition to life outside the womb is invaluable.

Empower Mama with a Good Birth: Birth is a profound rite of passage that affects the new mother physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. A Bradley class is a safe space for the mother to explore her feelings about her upcoming birth and develop a deep sense of trust in her body, her baby and the process of birth.

Give Dad Power Tools: Bradley totally stands apart from other birthing classes in helping new fathers know exactly what to do for their partners during pregnancy, labor and birth, and post-partum. Dads who know how to support their partners feel more involved and confident. The special focus on fathers helps dads to know exactly how important their role really is. 

Be in Charge: Most of my couples can have the natural birth they desire. Sometimes a couple has a labor that requires medical intervention; couples taking my class have felt that the course prepared them with the necessary understanding, skills and terminology to dialog with their medical caregivers and make informed decisions to have the very best birth possible.

Create Community: A Bradley class is a terrific place to meet other like-minded parents who have similar goals to yours. In class we share, discuss, question and support one-another on this unique and wonderful journey. Many of my couples continue to get together long after the series ends. 

Benefit from Personal Attention: Bradley Method classes are intentionally small and intimate in order for each couple to receive the personal attention and support they need during this special time in their lives. Birth and parenting are about relationships -- having a positive, nurturing and real relationship with their prenatal instructor helps give expectant parents the support and confidence they need as they transition into life as a new family.


From Susan's classes, Matt and I felt very prepared for a natural birth. A telling moment was the very day I was in labor, when we turned to each other and realized that we felt really calm about what was about to happen. We felt very prepared physically, and very educated, so that our birth experience was one of calmness and sweet excitement for our new little one. Susan took extra time to prepare the details and discussion material. She made sure all of our questions were answered. She teaches with enthusiasm, and her personal childbirth experiences lend a great context to her teaching. As an added bonus, our classmates have become dear friends whose babies play together now! We were so fortunate to have ended up in Susan's Bradley course, and can't image such a positive birth experience without the depth of education.

- Ananda, Bradley mother of Jane Elizabeth


- Ariel and Sarah, Bradley parents of Noah Ariel

If you are a first time parent, I highly recommend taking Bradley classes with Susan Martin. Her energy, compassion and knowledge help to assuage the fears/unknown during pregnancy. Due to the fact that the classes run for three months, you get to ease into it and not feel overwhelmed with tons of information being thrown at you. Yes, it is a time commitment, but well worth it. My husband and I bonded in such a sweet and deep way through these classes. As a man, he needed to have a "job" to feel like he could help me. Bradley teaches that your partner is your coach. He knew exactly what to do and how to do it throughout my pregnancy and then during labor. His support -- physically, spiritually and emotionally -- was 100% there. He was my rock. Often husbands are pushed to the side feeling frustrated and scared seeing their wife suffer and in pain with no way to help! Well, Bradley greatly reduces those feelings. We went into my labor knowing that we were prepared and knew what to do. My labor/birth ending up going a little differently than planned, but we knew we were a strong team as life threw us a change. Pregnancy is such a mixed bag of emotions. Bradley classes help you to face and embrace all that it is. I am grateful for finding Susan and having her in our lives. xoxx      

-- McLean McGown, CN, yoga teacher and Bradley mama to Jemima

I heard about Bradley Method from a co-worker who was able to have an unmedicated childbirth with her daughter. When looking through the websites of the different Bradley providers, I chose Susan's class because the information on the website was organized, detailed and I just had a warm feeling about the class. My husband initially wasn't thrilled about attending a 12 week course, but after the first class we both immediately felt comfortable and confident in the information that we were about to learn. 

Susan is very passionate about the material and puts a lot of effort and love into her classes- providing diet recommendations, exercises, practicing relaxation techniques, and even making games out of the information. The 2+ hour class goes by very quickly as everyone is usually deep in conversation and discussion. It was also really neat to have the support of the other couples going through the same experiences and emotions during their pregnancies (plus getting to watch each others bellies grow). My husband and I felt soo much more confident going into childbirth. The anxiety that I had been anticipating about labor at the start of my pregnancy was ceased, and after going through the 12 week program with my husband, he felt so much more involved in the process and was amazing support for me during labor. Susan also offered support during labor (via telephone) and it was a comfort to be able to call her when we were having questions about how our labor was progressing. When complications arose during labor, the confidence that we felt to make the best decisions for our baby without feeling the pressure from hospital staff was priceless.  

After class ended, Susan shared updates via email when each classmate had their baby and arranged a reunion where we were able to meet each others babies- it was really special. Susan's class is definitely a must. The information, confidence and support that you will get from Susan is wonderful. We are so thankful to Susan!

- Maurella, Bradley Mama to Soleil Jane

As a first time parents, we wanted to be prepared with our first pregnancy. After searching and reading up on Bradley teachers in the area, we found Susan, who was extremely warm and encouraging in her response with our request to talk with her both via email and phone about her class. After communicating with her several times, we knew she was someone we wanted to learn from; she had great energy, wonderful sense of humor and more importantly, she was direct in her answers with questions we had about the process.

She never pressed her beliefs on us in any way, shape or form, she always communicated in a way that allowed us to make our own decisions. This we felt was one of the overall themes of her class; to educate yourself and find as much factual information about a subject or question to give yourself the confidence to make a decision on your own. No matter how many people you talk to, be it doctors, midwifes, doulas, or how many articles and books you read about parenting, it all comes down to what you feel is right the decision based on the research.

We learned so much from our class, we felt prepared in regards to nutrition, breathing techniques for relaxation, how the body changes during labor, and what to expect in working with different birthing facilities. We went with a hospital birth and when we went in, we didn't feel scared at all when dealing with the hospital staff, we were fully aware of WHAT was going on and WHY.

Susan's class will not only prepare you for the birthing process, but it will also educate you on how to create the type of birthing experience you need based on techniques she teaches you in class; it is truly an educational experience worth doing.

She was always prepared with activities, videos, games and lectures, labor rehearsal stations (our favorite), she even presents into power point too! The workbook that she provided was great, and what was even better was that she went way beyond the weekly chapters and also added additional information about certain topics that would be helpful. She also supplied us with article handouts too. She goes above & beyond to make sure you are educated and knowledgeable about the subject matter at hand.

We highly recommend the 12-week course. She is someone you want to learn from, connect to and grow with during your pregnancy. Even after the 12 week course, Susan makes a huge effort to follow up with you to make sure things are going well. In conclusion, we are so happy that we made the decision to learn from Susan. She played HUGE integral part of our first pregnancy, the creation of our new family and she will always be in our hearts and minds.

        - Jorge and Joanna, Bradley parents of Alejandro

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