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Pregnancy, birth and mothering transformed my life. Our first daughter was born naturally at the hospital with an obstetrician thanks to what we learned from the Bradley Method. She was an intense, high-need baby and taught me a lot about the needs of infants. She was a great little nurser. I loved our nursing relationship and felt it was so essential to the strength of the mother-baby bond and for understanding the needs of the baby that I became a breastfeeding counselor and educator.  

Our second child brought us on the surprising journey of birthing at home with midwives. This was an amazing experience and one that we cherish as a family. I feel profoundly grateful to have had the gift of birthing my second daughter at home.

As a breastfeeding counselor and educator, I have been helping mothers and babies with breastfeeding and breastfeeding related issues for the last 17 years. I have had the pleasure of learning from some terrific experts in the birth and lactation field: Dr. Jack Newman, Dr. Nils Bergman, Nancy Morbacher IBCLC, Kathleen Kendall-Tackett IBCLC Phd, Chele Marmet, Kitty Frantz RN IBCLC and more. 

After my second birth experience, I knew I wanted to help other couples have a positive and joyful birth experience. In 2010, I was finally able to achieve my dream and begin training to teach Bradley Method prenatal education classes. I love teaching and supporting my class couples during this special time in their lives. My goal for my class couples is for them to feel grounded and prepared going into their birth, to help them acquire the skills necessary to make informed decisions for their birth so they can have a healthy and positive birth experience, and to help them make a smooth transition to their new family life.

I met my husband at UCLA; we have been together for 30 years. We are the proud parents of two daughters, ages 20 and 16. 


Before I became pregnant, I didn't have a strong opinion on how I would give birth.  But the more I read about natural childbirth and its benefits and heard amazing stories from my girlfriends who'd delivered naturally, I knew this was something I wanted to consider.  A friend suggested the Bradley Method, and I found Susan's class.  I honesty don't think I could have amassed the knowledge, courage, and persistence to deliver naturally without this course.  And I am so happy and proud that our baby George came into the world completely naturally and without my having to take medication.  We bonded immediately, and breastfeeding was so easy and natural, right from the start.  Whether you're exploring the benefits of natural childbirth or are certain that no-intervention is the way for you, I would strongly suggest taking Susan's course.  You will learn so much, be encouraged, and find a way to communicate your desires to your healthcare provider with confidence.  And Susan's help doesn't stop there.  She's always available to talk about your journey as a new mom.  In fact, I ran into her the other day, and she saw a patch of eczema on George's face and followed up with the most caring, helpful email.  Bradley courses are a time commitment for sure, but it's time well-spent bonding with your partner, making new parent friends, and having a lifetime sage at your side in Susan.

                                          Erin, Bradley Mama to George

My husband and I knew the minute we found out we were pregnant that we were going to do a Bradley Method course - we had numerous friends who did this course and had such a positive experience.  We searched for a course that was during a time for us that worked with our busy work schedules, and that just happened to be Susan's class.  What a wonderful serendipitous moment because Susan is one of the most wonderful, amazing teachers that we have ever had the pleasure of learning from.  She is kind, thorough, thoughtful, experienced, knowledgeable, non-pressuring, and most loving person we have ever met.  I am so glad that we took the time to do her course.  It is a time commitment but worth every minute!  I feel very lucky and blessed that Susan was part of our birth journey and I would recommend her to anyone!!!

                                                               Michelle, Bradley Mama to Drew

Susan Martin is a wonderful, inspiring teacher, one my husband and I whole-heartedly recommend.  Our affordable, 12-week class was one of the most important aspects of our birth preparation and allowed us to be fully and totally prepared for the natural birth of our daughter.  During labor, I was truly remembering aspects of what I learned in class, which calmed and guided me. I know my husband absolutely felt like a prepared "birth coach" due to Susan's teaching.  Susan generously lends her warm living room to the classroom and brings together like-minded parents to learn about this beautiful process. Whether you are planning a hospital birth or home birth (which we did), if you truly want to be prepared for a natural birth, take Susan's class. Though we didn't name our daughter, Susanna, after Susan, we love that "Susan" is in our daughter's name...Susan Martin was THAT IMPORTANT to our birth!

                            Annie, Bradley Mama to Susannah

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