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My classes are informative, interactive, comprehensive and fun! 

DVDs are shown to correlate with the class topic.

Relaxation techniques are taught and practiced during class. 

We learn and practice massage techniques that are useful through your pregnancy and labor, and that you will enjoy for life. 

We have labor rehearsals in class once we complete the first 5 classes. 

We learn what your choices and options are and how to positively relate your personal choices to your birth team.

I am passionate about each couple achieving a successful breastfeeding relationship with their baby and provide you with tools to help accomplish that.

Read on for clients experiences and references… 

"Melissa was a blessing during my pregnancy, delivery, and recovery.  Not only did she prepare me and my husband for every possible contingency, she was available any time, any day to answer questions and talk me through things...Having a baby can be exciting, but it can also be stressful.  Knowing I had Melissa in my corner—someone both knowledgeable and caring—helped me relax and focus on the joyful aspects of bringing a baby into the family." 

Molly D, Henry's mom 

We met Melissa when she agreed to give us a condensed Bradley course. My husband had been away on deployment and we only had a few weeks until delivery. Not only did she agree to teach us privately in the timeframe we had, she only asked us to pay the price she would charge someone for a group class.

When we started taking classes with her, we soon realized that we had lucked out. Melissa has 22 years of experience and is just brimming with knowledge and wisdom. She immediately understood the nature of our relationships, of how we worked together, and she tailored the class to our needs. She answered our many questions very knowledgeably and managed to prepare and educate us about childbirth in a very short timeframe. 

We soon decided to ask Melissa to be our doula for the delivery. When the birth-day came, her lessons came in very handy. She held my hand during the birth and helped guide us along very lovingly. We felt very safe under her guidance.

Melissa was extremely generous not only during class but outside of it as well. She made herself available to answer questions before and after the birth and was always happy to take a phone call to help guide us on the journey. In addition to being a Bradley instructor and doula, she is also a lactation consultant so was able to answer our breast-feeding questions.

We highly recommend Melissa's wonderful classes and consulting both before and after your child's birth and thereafter.

Emma and Andrew L, Michael's parents

" Melissa is super! We learned so much from her childbirth classes and had fun doing it. She builds confidence, focusing on what's natural and instinctive. Her experience shines through. We highly recommend her. "

Amber and Philip P,  Delphine's mom and dad

" When I became pregnant, Melissa immediately offered to answer any questions I had about the overall experience and provide any helpful insights along the way.  I found it very comforting & reassuring to discuss any pregnancy related matters with her.  In fact, prior to discussing the labor & delivery experience with her, I had fully planned on having an epidural & going through the process with just my Dr. & the medical staff at the hospital.  However, because I don’t like medical procedures & don’t feel comfortable about being in the hospital, I decided to have Melissa be a part of my labor & delivery in order to be an advocate for me, which made me feel much more comfortable.  

I also attended her childbirth education course, which is much longer than the one provided at the hospital.  I found this course to be much more informative as well as very helpful in preparing me for my labor & delivery.  In fact, after taking the course, my goal was to go through labor without an epidural.  My husband also felt the class was helpful as it was a nurturing process & helped prepare him for the experience as well.  We found that it was a way to bring us closer together & also make him feel a part of the labor experience as well.  As part of the course, we developed a birth plan with her expertise & experience that I could be comfortable with.  I learned that I didn’t have to follow the standard medical protocol – which helped me to bond with my daughter right away after birth.

When I did go into labor, Melissa was there with me on the phone every step of the way.  I started very early in the morning, but she made me feel comfortable in calling her at whatever hour it may be – which I did around 5:00 in the morning.  She helped explain what I could expect throughout the day & checked in with me regularly.  She was able to alleviate any concerns that I had & when my water broke, she was able to keep me calm & guide us in getting to the hospital.  

At the hospital, I was of course nervous & scared, this being my 1st pregnancy.  However, just knowing that she was there to talk to & help me through it gave me great comfort.  I was able to achieve my goal of not having an epidural & I can honestly say that I would not have been able to reach that goal without the preparation that she gave me.  Additionally, she was there to help me with getting my daughter started in breast feeding right away without any issues – another element that I wasn’t quite sure about, nor had any clue of what to do or expect.  She visited me the next day after birth & again was there to offer her assistance & experience.  I am grateful to have had Melissa as my labor assistant & would not have changed any aspect of my labor experience.  She helped to make the process go smoothly, while alleviating my fears & concerns which brought great comfort to me during this very special time.  I highly recommend her & should I decide to have another child, will ask her to again be a part of my labor & delivery experience. "

Tracy J, Natasha's mom

"Melissa is the perfect liaison to assist with a natural birth in the hospital setting. She is knowledgeable, compassionate and gets to know her clients and their desires very well. this is helpful in the hospital setting not only in labor coaching, but in communicating your desires to medical and nursing staff . She is one in a million, worth her weight in gold. " 

Summer, RN L&D. Aug 9, 2016

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